Surprising BAD NEWS on Wind Turbines

Who would’ve thunk it. Wind turbines are rated to deliver 370% more energy than they actually deliver by the capitalists selling them to government.

What, you say? We are letting greedy and corrupt CAPITALISTS sell vastly overrated wind turbines to hopeless helpless, innocent, naive government officials?

It turns out that the money government officials (bureaucrat or politician) spend was not, nor is, theirs to start with. Perhaps they would be more careful if it was. Perhaps they would ask about the actual performance of their magical wind turbines. Seriously, government officials are not naive, and actually come out on top in this transaction (leaving who as the loser?)

Here is an interesting, large scale, and significant empirical study of wind turbine performance from the Charleston Gazette, courtesy of Don Surber, Blowing down the wind power arguments:

The Charleston Gazette

March 1, 2009
Arthur Hooton

. . . Wind turbines are inefficient. They produce energy intermittently. The industrial wind facility in Tucker County operated at 27 percent of its rated capacity in the last year that records were available. Worse yet, the constantly fluctuating energy entering the transmission lines must be balanced by an alternate, dispatchable energy source, such as gas-fired generators running in standby mode. As a consequence, the more we rely on intermittent generators to supply electricity, the more balancing capacity we need, reaching a point where the added units, be they gas or coal, will be like tugboats tied to docks, engines idling, waiting for calls to rescue the suddenly becalmed, wind-powered sailing freighters the government has required. The supposed carbon savings from using sailing vessels would be severely compromised by the need for all that engine-idling.

A 27 percent average annual output of energy by wind turbines is dismal, but there’s more bad news. The PJM grid operators forecast their power needs day to day, week to week, and month to month. They assign a credit capacity factor to the various generators on line, based on past performance.

Good thing you have plenty of cash handy right now so that government can save you from global warming, which warming has been reported by government.

Enjoy your wind turbines!

It remains a puzzle why humans would dig up coal when wind has been available at no charge and without digging for centuries.


4 Responses

  1. […] more so when you take into account that wind turbines barely produce a quarter the amount of energy they’re rated for.  Why, that’s four times as many jobs that […]

  2. It is certainly true that uneducated wind turbine customers will be confused by the actual power vrs the rated power of a wind turbine system.

    I also find your comment regarding wind capture vrs coal mining thought provoking. Thanks.

  3. they kill a lot of Birdies 😦
    poor Birdies:(

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