Obama Youth Corps Smashes Through Congress

Like Hitler’s finest Panzer divisions, the Obama Youth Corps has smashed through at least the House, easily destroying the enemies of The One it encountered there.

House acolytes of The One and his mandatory youth service program also approved spending for a distinctive new Obama Youth Corps uniform.

Obama Youth Corps, Prepare!

H/T: Gateway Pundit House Passes Hitler Youth Bill

House Passes Mandatory National Service Bill

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, March 19, 2009

The House passed a bill yesterday which includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about President Barack Obama’s promised “civilian national security force” intensify.

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act, was passed yesterday by a 321-105 margin and now goes to the Senate.

Under section 6104 of the bill, entitled “Duties,” in subsection B6, the legislation states that a commission will be set up to investigate, “Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

Section 120 of the bill also discusses the “Youth Engagement Zone Program” and states that “service learning” will be “a mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency.”

“The legislation, slated to cost $6 billion over five years, would create 175,000 “new service opportunities” under AmeriCorps, bringing the number of participants in the national volunteer program to 250,000. It would also create additional “corps” to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Futures Corps and Veterans Service Corps, and it expands the National Civilian Community Corps to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation,” reports Fox News.

The Senate is also considering a similar piece of legislation known as the “Serve America Act,” which also includes language about “Youth Engagement Zones”.

Fears about Obama’s plans to create involuntary servitude were first stoked in July 2008, when Obama told a rally in Colorado Springs, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

Despite denials that Obama plans to institute a mandatory program of national service, his original change.gov website stated that Americans would be “required” to complete “50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year”. The text was only later changed to state that Americans would be “encouraged” to undertake such programs.

In addition, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, publicly stated his intention to help create “universal civil defense training” in 2006.

Rahm Emanuel describes the HitlerObama Youth Corps in enthusiastic detail. Apparently it is a very serious defense organization not associated with the current military. The Obama Youth Corps will counterbalance that failed degenerate US Military apparatus which is known by the Obama church administration to be manipulated by greedy capitalists.


16 Responses

  1. fagbama makes me sick. I have a 15 year old who will NOT participate in ANYTHING like what fagbama wants to require. We’ll leave the country first…how sad he is being allowed to ruin our once wonderful country like this. Everyone who gave their lives for our freedom must be turning over in their graves by now. Why doesn’t this get more mainstream media attention?

    • I’m sorry your 15 year old is being raised by such a gullible idiot who uses terms like “fagbama.” Do your research please.

      It doesn’t get more mainstream attention cause it ain’t true.

      • Obama has made it clear on several occasions that he requires an internal national security force that is just as strong just as well funded as the US Military. For some reason, the National Guard is not adequate or flexible enough perhaps for Obama’s purposes.

        You are correct though Jay, the concept of Obama Youth (the Obama national security force) was invented by a child. You have the age about 9 years too high, however.

      • dude do you even know why you are siding with obama? it did happen, im sorry but maybe you should do your research cause youre a gullible idiot and a pawn who probably lets the government think for them…this is real. this is frightening…just accept that the man that you follow so blindly as does majority of the youth in this once vibrant country, gets what he wants, exactly the way he wants it…but of course that is politics….
        damn better go back to school cause you just got told by a 16 year old… have a nice evening…

        p.s. it didnt get mainstream coverage because people dont want to see theyre “messiah” railed against…something weird is going on

      • damn jay you are very confused about who’s the gullible idiot in this situation. you cant blindly deny things or have them not be true because you dont want them to be… wake up man. obama IS ruining this once great nation. im in the military myself, currently stationed overseas… it looks like im not gonna be coming home to the america i once knew and loved… thank you obama!!

      • Didn’t Obama have gay sex in a limo with some dude while using cocaine

  2. our Military will be busy

  3. How is the National Guard not adequate or flexible enough for Obama’s purposes? Our men and women in the Guard are serving their country proudly, where they are told to. As for the Internal National Security force… we already have FIVE of them….. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast guard. Maybe they are not brain washed to Obama’s standards, but for the love of God and country, these people are OUR trained “Internal National Security Force”.

    As for Dave’s comment, displaying ignorance using such words as “fagbama” will NEVER get your point across, it only illuminates your stupidity and makes you the focus point of ridicule!

  4. It would be a lot better for kids than rotting their brains out on useless video games. I bet you objectors have never heard of the Peace Corps.

  5. Has anyone done their research as to how Hitler got involved with the youth of Germany before WWII? My child will not participate in any government youth program. It is my responsibility to raise and teach my own child. My child has the right to choose what he wishes to get involved in. I have the rights over what my child does or doesn’t do. I don’t need the government to tell me what my child will or won’t do. I have the freedom to raise my child as I see fit…..at least for now. God help America.

  6. Hi, US, AND A BIG Thanks for your service!!!

    And, this is a great question. I have read only briefly about the topic you suggest. I understand that Hitler was highly charismatic; had his own “cult of personality” like Lenin and Obama.

    Your suggestion is worthy of a lot of research!


  7. US army vet is right… you look back on history on how hitler and the nazi’s gained control of germany prior to ww2 and you will see we are following the same steps. 911 which gave the government more power and us less freedomsto us, but brain washed most of the country into patriotism and waving their flags… then you get a guy who is promising change! but you look at everything obama has said when he was campaining for president and now when he first took office and he almost has done opposit of everything he promised us he would do… he is turning this country into a socialist nation and starting “manditory” service for everyone 18-24.where did our freedom to choose go? if you still think this country is free your wrong. we have a blindfold over our eyes.. we have the perseption we are free but in reality we are just serfs… i am proud of all of you who oppose obama and his socailst agenda! bush and the republicans suck too… we need to stop dividing the nation into two parties{republican/democrate} and start being good americans…

    • Agree with Army Vet and Bmann. Dems and Repubs are on the same side. They just give the illusion that they are opposed to each other through mainstream media which is directly controled by corporations who want to push their agenda and pull the political strings from behind the scenes. Do you really think that the press is ‘free’? Stop thinking that the presidential figure head is where the buck stops. Choose America and Freedom / Free Enterprise and God; and not Democrat and Republican / politics and religion. WAKE UP!

  8. If you people really believe in this Obama Youth Corps nonsense, you should see a psychiatrist.

    • Alex,




      Search this blog for video of Obama waxing with great eloquence and intensity and fascism on this very topic, which you say is nonsense.

  9. Cheer up America Sieg Heil our Fuhrer Obama he’ll bring change like he promised

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