Warmer is Better – Simple!

On Earth (are we still on Earth? By this I mean we have little concern for the HISTORY of Earth; so perhaps we are somewhere else) cold summers, taken on the whole, are not propitious for human happiness and vigor.

Farmers, also on the whole produce more when it’s warmer. The generalization is far more striking if warmth is compared to extended solar minima, when farmers don’t produce much.

UK Met Office (and the BBC): A Warm Summer Is A Good Summer

This forecast has subprime prospects of success. McCallum has learned about PDO, El Nino and La Nina – but he forgot to learn any climate history.

DO NOT BET on a warm summer in the UK this year. Even if it is warmer than 2007 and 2008, it won’t be a warm summer in the UK. Put the BBQ away.

So is the idea of “warming” finally presented on the BBC in a positive light? How can this be for real? Remember back in 2005, when “millions” were expected to be “hit by global warming”, and “animals” too, and the English country garden was “unlikely to survive in the South East in its present form” because of 1.5-3C of warming?

But don’t you worry. With Copenhagen’s huge Climate Change Extravaganza coming up in December 2009, expect plenty of warming stories in the BBC, and elsewhere in the media, as soon as the thermometer will hit the 30C/86F mark.

Maurizio speaks here


EMERGENCY: Open Water Found at North Pole

Little did we know; there is nought else but open water at the North Pole.

Al Gore lied. Arctic ice will not be gone in 5 years; it is already gone, in this amazing, obviously documentary photograph.

Arctic Armagedon For Real; Polar Bear Extinct

Arctic Armagedon For Real; Polar Bear Extinct

The noble polar bear is indeed extinct, certainly. If you think about it, you will have to admit, you haven’t seen a living specimen in a long time, now have you? Only polar bear photos have been bandied about; none of the real article.

Manhattan is already under 20 feet of water. It is too late to save the World by making Al Gore rich (he is already worth $200 Million, although he swears on his Daddy’s grave he has given every penny to charity). And anyway, Al Gore is just a diligent snake oil businessman.

Story here: Ice at the North Pole in 1958 and 1959 – invisible.

District of the Criminally Insane

Van Helsing almost hits it on the head: Al Gore, Capitalist

“The vast majority of Americans will become significantly less wealthy as a consequence of the global warming lunacy currently unfolding in the District of Criminals.”

Global warming fraud is endemic in Washington, D.C. But there is much more.

How about “many Americans will become significantly DEAD as a consequence of the global warming lunacy currently unfolding in the District of Criminals.”

The solar fingerprint of the Little Ice Age is distinctly evident today, although precisely which “Little Ice Age” remains in question.

Washington, D.C. and co-conspirators will take your cash while you still have some, now.

When Earth gets really, incommodiously cold, you’ll be on your own. Normal “infrastructure” devoted to energy production will have been taxed into oblivion (bankruptcy, according to Obama; Next American Industry to Die). In the event you can find two nickels to rub together to buy coal, American energy infrastructure will have been bankrupted, by Al Gore and Obama.

The perfect storm results, when history repeats to enlighten those who reconstructed it, for their immediate (financial and political) convenience:

Pick your minimum

Pick your minimum

Pick your minimum. One is coming (before the other).

Great Big Tax Will Keep Earth Cool

How about a great big new tax, to keep Earth cool, and government absolutely swimming in cash to spread around?

H/T: NC Media Watch, Russ Steele: Cap and Trade is a TAX! Really?

Just when we need to make sure we have enough energy, Obama and big “progressive” government will destroy energy resources by taxing them wildly and massively.

Peter Foster: The crumbling case for global warming

President Obama is considering a cap-and-trade system with which Canada would be forced to co-ordinate its own policies. The conference made clear how damaging and pointless such a policy would be.

… Vaclav Klaus, the professorial president of both the Czech Republic and the European Union, pointed out at the conference’s first session on Sunday evening that the global political establishment was still in the grip of thinking reminiscent of the Communism under which he once lived. He noted that few if any politicians seemed even aware of, or interested in, either the shortcomings of officially cooked climate science, or the potential disasters of climate policy.

Professor Richard Lindzen, one of the world’s leading climatologists, also stressed that climate alarmism was a political and not a scientific matter. Particular worrying, he said, was that various scientific bodies had been seized by alarmists, who now issued statements without polling the members. This played into the appeal to authority rather than science. He called climate modelling “unintelligent design” and global warming a “postmodern coup d’état.” He stressed that “Nature hasn’t followed the models” used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There has been no global warming for 10 or 15 years. Countering all the blather about Exxon’s (former) support for Heartland that appeared in coverage of the conference by climate-change cheerleaders at The New York Times and The Guardian, he noted that skeptics in fact had minimal resources to rectify the incipient policy horrors. (article continues)

So Anthropogenic Global Warming is no longer in evidence; in fact Earth is cooling ominously, and here is the most likely cause:

H/T: Dalton Minimum Returns, Russ Steele Sun and Sea connection:oceans as a calorimeter

The oceans as a calorimeter Nir Shaviv, Science Bits

. . . all three sets give consistently the same answer, that a large heat flux periodically enters and leaves the oceans with the solar cycle, and this heat flux is about 6 to 8 times larger than can be expected from changes in the solar irradiance only. This implies that an amplification mechanism necessarily exists. Interestingly, the size is consistent with what would be expected from the observed low altitude cloud cover variations.

When sunspots go away, here is the result, and the probable cause and link is low altitude cloud cover variation:

What do you eat, during years with no summer?

What do you eat, during years with no summer?

The bottom line? There is a liklehood that the energy resources Obama wants to tax to death could save your, or your children’s lives, in the next two or three decades.

What do you eat in decades with no summer? Obama has not a clue; but you have been eating too much anyway.

Arctic Ice Threatens Northern Hemisphere

While the eastern Antarctic ice pack continues inexorable year over year growth, Arctic ice is greater than it’s been in the last 8 years, and showing massive expansion again this year.

Arctic sea ice at highest level in 8 years

Arctic sea ice at highest level in 8 years

Graphic: Update: Sun and Ice, Joseph D’Aleo, ICECAP

See also: SBVOR Arctic Sea Ice Extent Reaches Record High

The Obama administration has pledged to spend $465 Quadrillion  Quintillion (more than we have, anyway) to investigate the plight of the noble and friendly Canadian mud puppy and 61 other species facing imminent destruction from tragic range reduction, due to growth in the northern ice pack. This spending should also stimulate the economy somewhere. Heart-rending photos of the disaster will be gen’d up soon.

Meanwhile, CO2 continues upward at an alarming rate of half what the IPCC uses in its extortion campaign; as polar ice grows and grows.

CO2 going up; polar ice packs growing

CO2 going up; polar ice packs growing

False prediction after false prediction, anthropogenic global warming is a phenomenon of abnormal and self-destructive (maladaptive) human psychology.

Won’t you please pay twice to heat your home next winter; so as to reduce global warming? Thank you.

Sunspots, a Crucial Climate Indicator

Commenters on this blog (Julia LeVan on Human CO2 Snuffs Out Sun’s 10.7cm Band) have noted that anthropogenic carbon dioxide may be unlikely to affect conditions on the sun. This is an important insight which may have a lot of truth in it, notwithstanding the likely resistance of climate scientist and global warming pundit and businessman Al Gore. Particularly since conditions on the sun are seemingly of primary, if not dominant, significance in Earthly climate.

Dr. Willie Soon, a senior Harvard astrophysicist, has observed that “when sunspots are present, the temperature goes up; and when sunspots are absent, the temperature goes down.” It may be disputable I suppose, but I think Dr. Soon is referring to temperatures on Earth, actually.

Dr. Soon goes on to further ignore (or perhaps minimimize is fair) the importance of carbon dioxide in controlling Earth’s climate, in this most interesting article, Harvard astrophysicist: Sunspot activity correlates to global climate change

H/T: ICECAP ‘Curious’ Why the Sun Has Been So Dim Lately, under category Blogosphere

Further quoting Dr. Soon, and his explanation of three rather direct ways in which solar output could have dominant influence on terrestrial climate:

“When the energy input to the Earth from the sun is lower, you can easily imagine then what the first effect would be — heating less of the ocean’s surface. This promotes less evaporation of water vapor from the ocean, reducing what we all know to be the major green house gas, water vapor, in contrast to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Then, you would say that if the sun provides less energy to warm the ocean’s surface, and there is less of this water vapor and less of the water vapor greenhouse effect, then the Earth begins warming less so than you would normally have during the normal sunspot activity maximum when the sun gives off more light-energy to the planetary system.

“The second way to think about this is if the sun is giving less light to the ocean’s surface, then you will also give less energy to transfer the heat, or even the material itself, from the surface to the upper atmosphere. The connection between the surface and the upper atmosphere is less than it would be, including the circulation patterns of the weather and the oceans.

“And then one can think about it another way, if you give less energy to transfer energy from the surface to higher up in the atmosphere, as high as 5 or 8 kilometers, then the chance for the system to produce these so-called thin high-cirrus clouds is less. These are the clouds that are very, very effective as a greenhouse blocker, these thin high-cirrus clouds. This is the idea that Professor Dickenson from MIT has suggested, that the Earth system may act like an iris. If it’s too warm, then the iris opens, if it’s too cold it closes, so that this fixture can trap heat, providing a very efficient way to warm or cool the Earth system.

“During a solar activity minimum, imagine that you produce less of these high-cirrus clouds, then the ability of the Earth to shed heat itself is a lot easier, therefore the system cools. And then continuing, when you don’t have enough energy to bring all of this water vapor and the currents more than a few kilometers up, then it all accumulates at the bottom of the system, producing more of the low clouds. And on low clouds we know that they are very effective at reflecting sunlight. So again, it’s another way that the Earth system can cool.

“And even another way to think about it is less energy intercepted in the tropical region, from say 20 or 30 degrees north and south latitudes, then you are able to transfer less heat energy to the polar regions, resulting in the arctic regions getting slightly cooler in that sense as well.

“So these are some of the possible scenarios that we’ve reached which in sort of a low-sunlight scenario would affect the Earth’s weather.”

Dr. Soon does not give much notice to carbon dioxide of any kind. He is also not a strong advocate of the “chilling stars” theory of Dr. Henrik Svensmark and others apparently; but his thoughtful explanation of three distinct and very reasonable mechanisms by which solar conditions strongly influence Earth’s climate is very noteworthy.

“If this deep solar minimum continues and our planet cools while CO2 levels continue to rise, thinking needs to change.”

Or even if the deep solar minimum does not continue (but our planet continues to  cool while CO2 levels continue to rise).

Interesting WBZ-TV video here:  ‘Curious’ Why The Sun Has Been So Dim Lately.

Years Of Solar Inactivity

Here – Solar Terrestrial Activity Report of 08/04/2009 – is the last 30 days, at least; but this minimum (some call it the Al Gore minimum) is extending into years of duration.

NOAA admits no spots in last 30 days; Planetary A Index is on the floor. Very weak solar activity is now approaching two years duration. Cycle 24 is not.

In history, when the Sun goes quiet, the Earth gets cold. Beware, Al Gore, “The Chilling Stars.”

Solar Activity - Not

Solar Activity - Not