Arctic Ice Threatens Northern Hemisphere

While the eastern Antarctic ice pack continues inexorable year over year growth, Arctic ice is greater than it’s been in the last 8 years, and showing massive expansion again this year.

Arctic sea ice at highest level in 8 years

Arctic sea ice at highest level in 8 years

Graphic: Update: Sun and Ice, Joseph D’Aleo, ICECAP

See also: SBVOR Arctic Sea Ice Extent Reaches Record High

The Obama administration has pledged to spend $465 Quadrillion  Quintillion (more than we have, anyway) to investigate the plight of the noble and friendly Canadian mud puppy and 61 other species facing imminent destruction from tragic range reduction, due to growth in the northern ice pack. This spending should also stimulate the economy somewhere. Heart-rending photos of the disaster will be gen’d up soon.

Meanwhile, CO2 continues upward at an alarming rate of half what the IPCC uses in its extortion campaign; as polar ice grows and grows.

CO2 going up; polar ice packs growing

CO2 going up; polar ice packs growing

False prediction after false prediction, anthropogenic global warming is a phenomenon of abnormal and self-destructive (maladaptive) human psychology.

Won’t you please pay twice to heat your home next winter; so as to reduce global warming? Thank you.


5 Responses

  1. I like the notations you added to the Arctic ice chart. I think I’ll do something similar.

    Thanks for the link.

    Keep up the good fight!


    • Hi, SBVOR,

      The edits were done by Joe d’Aleo at ICECAP, I think.

      I will add a link for ICECAP – the ICECAP address only becomes visible in the address bar if you click on the graphic.

      Congratulations on your outstanding blog, and thanks for the mail.


  2. Respectfully, are you sure about that $465 Quadrillion figure?

    I’m pretty sure that’s inaccurate.

    I’ve made that mistake before. I inadvertently described trillions as quadrillions and (correctly) got called on it.


    Thanks for the excellent point; I take far too many liberties and shortcuts in “research;-)” – Chillguy33

  3. Thanks for the ICECAP tip — that was a great post.

    I wish ICECAP had a better RSS feed or a widget. If they did, I would have included them on my blog long ago.

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