District of the Criminally Insane

Van Helsing almost hits it on the head: Al Gore, Capitalist

“The vast majority of Americans will become significantly less wealthy as a consequence of the global warming lunacy currently unfolding in the District of Criminals.”

Global warming fraud is endemic in Washington, D.C. But there is much more.

How about “many Americans will become significantly DEAD as a consequence of the global warming lunacy currently unfolding in the District of Criminals.”

The solar fingerprint of the Little Ice Age is distinctly evident today, although precisely which “Little Ice Age” remains in question.

Washington, D.C. and co-conspirators will take your cash while you still have some, now.

When Earth gets really, incommodiously cold, you’ll be on your own. Normal “infrastructure” devoted to energy production will have been taxed into oblivion (bankruptcy, according to Obama; Next American Industry to Die). In the event you can find two nickels to rub together to buy coal, American energy infrastructure will have been bankrupted, by Al Gore and Obama.

The perfect storm results, when history repeats to enlighten those who reconstructed it, for their immediate (financial and political) convenience:

Pick your minimum

Pick your minimum

Pick your minimum. One is coming (before the other).


2 Responses

  1. The sun deniers — as well as with the flat hockey stick climate change deniers (usually same ppl) — will criticize this because the correlation isn’t perfect and from a weak paper by Lockwood/Frolich, as well as an erroneous paper by Sloan and Wolfendale:


    It shold be mentioned that the magnetic activity continued to reach at least a decade after the “mathematical” sunspot peak in the late 1980s, and that created less cosmic rays between the early 1990s and 2001 which resuted in 5% less low cloud covery. Thus we got a temperature increase of 0.3 degrees C that particular decade.

    Palle (2004) “The Earthshine Project: update on photometric and spectroscopic measurements”, chapter 4 and 7 is recommended and — despite the name of the paper — great sort of easy stuff:


    /br, Magnus (Sweden)

  2. Correction: …magnetic activity continued to *rise*…

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