Great Big Tax Will Keep Earth Cool

How about a great big new tax, to keep Earth cool, and government absolutely swimming in cash to spread around?

H/T: NC Media Watch, Russ Steele: Cap and Trade is a TAX! Really?

Just when we need to make sure we have enough energy, Obama and big “progressive” government will destroy energy resources by taxing them wildly and massively.

Peter Foster: The crumbling case for global warming

President Obama is considering a cap-and-trade system with which Canada would be forced to co-ordinate its own policies. The conference made clear how damaging and pointless such a policy would be.

… Vaclav Klaus, the professorial president of both the Czech Republic and the European Union, pointed out at the conference’s first session on Sunday evening that the global political establishment was still in the grip of thinking reminiscent of the Communism under which he once lived. He noted that few if any politicians seemed even aware of, or interested in, either the shortcomings of officially cooked climate science, or the potential disasters of climate policy.

Professor Richard Lindzen, one of the world’s leading climatologists, also stressed that climate alarmism was a political and not a scientific matter. Particular worrying, he said, was that various scientific bodies had been seized by alarmists, who now issued statements without polling the members. This played into the appeal to authority rather than science. He called climate modelling “unintelligent design” and global warming a “postmodern coup d’état.” He stressed that “Nature hasn’t followed the models” used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There has been no global warming for 10 or 15 years. Countering all the blather about Exxon’s (former) support for Heartland that appeared in coverage of the conference by climate-change cheerleaders at The New York Times and The Guardian, he noted that skeptics in fact had minimal resources to rectify the incipient policy horrors. (article continues)

So Anthropogenic Global Warming is no longer in evidence; in fact Earth is cooling ominously, and here is the most likely cause:

H/T: Dalton Minimum Returns, Russ Steele Sun and Sea connection:oceans as a calorimeter

The oceans as a calorimeter Nir Shaviv, Science Bits

. . . all three sets give consistently the same answer, that a large heat flux periodically enters and leaves the oceans with the solar cycle, and this heat flux is about 6 to 8 times larger than can be expected from changes in the solar irradiance only. This implies that an amplification mechanism necessarily exists. Interestingly, the size is consistent with what would be expected from the observed low altitude cloud cover variations.

When sunspots go away, here is the result, and the probable cause and link is low altitude cloud cover variation:

What do you eat, during years with no summer?

What do you eat, during years with no summer?

The bottom line? There is a liklehood that the energy resources Obama wants to tax to death could save your, or your children’s lives, in the next two or three decades.

What do you eat in decades with no summer? Obama has not a clue; but you have been eating too much anyway.


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  1. Green is the new Red. Green house gas is a pure methane myth. This would not be the first time noxious gases have come from Washington.

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