Warmer is Better – Simple!

On Earth (are we still on Earth? By this I mean we have little concern for the HISTORY of Earth; so perhaps we are somewhere else) cold summers, taken on the whole, are not propitious for human happiness and vigor.

Farmers, also on the whole produce more when it’s warmer. The generalization is far more striking if warmth is compared to extended solar minima, when farmers don’t produce much.

UK Met Office (and the BBC): A Warm Summer Is A Good Summer

This forecast has subprime prospects of success. McCallum has learned about PDO, El Nino and La Nina – but he forgot to learn any climate history.

DO NOT BET on a warm summer in the UK this year. Even if it is warmer than 2007 and 2008, it won’t be a warm summer in the UK. Put the BBQ away.

So is the idea of “warming” finally presented on the BBC in a positive light? How can this be for real? Remember back in 2005, when “millions” were expected to be “hit by global warming”, and “animals” too, and the English country garden was “unlikely to survive in the South East in its present form” because of 1.5-3C of warming?

But don’t you worry. With Copenhagen’s huge Climate Change Extravaganza coming up in December 2009, expect plenty of warming stories in the BBC, and elsewhere in the media, as soon as the thermometer will hit the 30C/86F mark.

Maurizio speaks here


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