Illegal Climate Information

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Saul Alinsky

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Saul Alinsky

“Federal” government (the Obama regime) is rabid to raise your energy taxes, in the form of what you pay for energy, by thousands of dollars every year; and Henry Waxman and Obama want this rip-off passed NOW. As has become customary in the Obama regime, they don’t know what is in the bill, just that vast riches they can spread around will come out of your pockets and into theirs:

The false premise is that Earth is warming; and the even falser (in the dictionary, but it’s like a new language must emerge to comprehend the manipulations of the Obama regime) premise is that carbon dioxide from humans does it.  So we must pay Obama and Waxman, they think.  Carbon dioxide is now listed by the Obama regime as legal poison.  Only the regime (of Obama) can decide where cash is to be spread around, or even design new cars.  Free markets have failed and caused the ruination of Earth.

The head alchemist in the Obama regime (one James Hansen, pictured above) and his idiot mentor Al Gore say it ought to be illegal to dispute warmist dogma and claptrap and inverted computer model print-out.  Information showing the actual temperature of Earth as it drops off ominously is either assiduously massaged to reverse its implication (rendering falsehood), or else it is cleanly censored from the politically acceptable output of major media. The news from the Obama regime to the world is false.

Anecdotal, or nearly anecdotal information is the most reliable and far superior to “science,” which has been suborned by research grants over the last 20 years to produce only falsehood.

In summation of anecdotal information, Earth is cooling rapidly today.  Word has leaked out from scientists by rare accident that the oceans have been cooling since 2003.  Cooling is legally required to be called climate “change,” as if the climate never changed before the industrial revolution, so the government can tax Americans and seize control of every glimmer of economic resource or activity that might accidentally remain. The latest disaster mechanism invoked is greenhouse change, the old mechanism “greenhouse warming” is rapidly disappearing from the parlance; as if Alinsky himself decreed it.

IceAgeNow is replete with anecdote.  Record cold is sweeping America, did you know?  It’s illegal to talk about it, though.  How do I know (see below) there  wasn’t  even more record highs in at least the the remaining  29 states (Elite Obama thinks there are 57 states in America)?  Obama’s media would have been blasting the information 24×7 if there were; and you know it.  Saul Alinsky’s principles apply to climate just as they do to creating opportunities through economic crisis.  Never waste a good crisis, and if you can make a crisis, including a climatological crisis, so much the better. Stick it to ’em!

With the Earth chilling rapidly, and the imposition of the Obama cap-and-trade tax to “Skyrocket” (his word) energy prices, what will your heating bills look like next year? I expect mine will double. Skyrocket is the correct word. Skyrocketing taxation is the goal.

2009 – 165 record lows in 28 states


Record low temperatures in 28 states! – and nary a peep from the media
19 May 09 – “Wow,  99 new record lows in 28 states – more than half of the states!” says reader Chuck Clancy. “Curious, isn’t it, how we hear nothing about them. A person actually has to search for them! Many of these records are over 100 years old, and a few 115 years old.”

        If there had been record warmth in 28 states, “we’re-causing-global-warming”
        headlines would have been plastered across the front page of almost every
        newspaper in the country, and TV hosts would have gleefully announced the
        dire consequences of our actions. . . . But had you even heard about this?


Total Number of Records for May 19, 2009
New: 99 + Tied: 66 = Total: 165

New (99)
Tied (66)
HIGHLAND HOME, AL 43.0°F 45.0°F 2007 115
LAFAYETTE, AL 44.0°F 45.0°F 2001 60
BREWTON, AL 48.0°F 48.0°F 2002 30
MURFREESBORO, AR 44.0°F 44.0°F 2007 33
LEOLA, AR 45.0°F 45.0°F 1976 43
HARTFORD , CT (KBDL) 34.0°F 35.0°F 2002 64
NEW HAVEN, CT 41.0°F 44.0°F 1952 32
WILMINGTON NEW CASTLE, DE 37.0°F 39.0°F 2003 64
MARIANNA, FL 54.0°F 57.0°F 2007 61
NEWNAN, GA 41.0°F 41.0°F 1976 103
WEST POINT, GA 45.0°F 45.0°F 1976 107
PLAINS SW GA EXP STN, GA 47.0°F 47.0°F 2007 53
KILAUEA, HI 59.0°F 59.0°F 1932 60
MOLOKAI AP, HI (PHMK) 61.0°F 61.0°F 2004 47
WAIMANALO EXP F 795.1, HI 62.0°F 63.0°F 1987 38
MT STERLING, KY 33.0°F 33.0°F 2002 104
PAINTSVILLE, KY 37.0°F 38.0°F 2002 30
COLFAX, LA 51.0°F 53.0°F 2007 30
LAKE ARTHUR, LA 55.0°F 57.0°F 1912 81
PITTSFIELD, MA 29.0°F 29.0°F 1944 45
SAVAGE RVR DAM, MD 30.0°F 33.0°F 2002 57
SALISBURY, MD (KSBY) 35.0°F 36.0°F 2002 60
MECHANICSVILLE, MD 37.0°F 41.0°F 2003 31
BALTIMORE, MD 38.0°F 39.0°F 2003 64
LONG FALLS DAM, ME 27.0°F 27.0°F 1981 54
BRUNSWICK, ME 33.0°F 33.0°F 1983 42
AUGUSTA, ME 34.0°F 34.0°F 1951 60
BALDWIN, MI 24.0°F 25.0°F 1954 73
GREENVILLE, MS 47.0°F 48.0°F 2002 47
DEL BONITA, MT 26.0°F 26.0°F 1997 43
TRANSOU, NC 28.0°F 29.0°F 1994 63
JEFFERSONE, NC 29.0°F 29.0°F 2002 82
MARSHALL, NC 32.0°F 32.0°F 2002 105
FLETCHER, NC 34.0°F 34.0°F 1976 49
ASHEVILLE,NC (KAVL) 35.0°F 36.0°F 1976 61
HENDERSON, NC 36.0°F 38.0°F 2007 109
ROXBORO, NC 36.0°F 38.0°F 2007 59
STATESVILLE, NC 37.0°F 37.0°F 2002 104
SALISBURY, NC 38.0°F 39.0°F 1976 115
CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS, NC 40.0°F 41.0°F 1976 64
MEDICINE CREEK DAM, NE 36.0°F 36.0°F 1983 55
BENTON, NH 28.0°F 28.0°F 1991 44
SUSSEX, NJ 30.0°F 30.0°F 1973 102
NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 34.0°F 34.0°F 2002 40
MILLVILLE MUNI, NJ 35.0°F 35.0°F 2002 59
SEABROOK FARMS, NJ 37.0°F 41.0°F 2002 40
DELHI, NY 25.0°F 25.0°F 1944 75
LITTLE VALLEY, NY 25.0°F 28.0°F 1973 65
FRANKLINVILLE, NY 26.0°F 27.0°F 1973 84
BAINBRIDGE, NY 26.0°F 29.0°F 1944 55
BATH, NY 27.0°F 28.0°F 1983 46
ITHACA CORNELL UNIV, NY 28.0°F 28.0°F 1944 115
ELMIRA, NY 28.0°F 30.0°F 1983 113
WAVERLY, NY 30.0°F 34.0°F 2007 41
BINGHAMTON, NY (KBGM) 31.0°F 31.0°F 2002 61
SYRACUSE, NY (KSYR) 32.0°F 32.0°F 1944 87
GENEVA RSCH FARM, NY 33.0°F 35.0°F 2002 40
WESTCHESTER CO, NY (KHPN) 37.0°F 37.0°F 2002 47
WARRENS, OH 29.0°F 30.0°F 1976 114
WOOSTER EXP STN, OH 32.0°F 32.0°F 1976 109
HANNIBAL L&D, OH 34.0°F 35.0°F 2002 33
TUSKAHOMA, OK 42.0°F 42.0°F 2002 49
MONTROSE, PA 25.0°F 29.0°F 2002 101
CHALK HILL, PA 26.0°F 30.0°F 2002 31
RENOVO, PA 27.0°F 34.0°F 2002 46
PUTNEYVILLE 2 SE DAM, PA 27.0°F 28.0°F 2002 64
HAWLEY, PA 28.0°F 28.0°F 2002 80
EVERETT, PA 28.0°F 30.0°F 1979 78
CLARION, PA 29.0°F 29.0°F 2002 62
TOWANDA 1 S, PA 29.0°F 30.0°F 1932 112
CONFLUENCE 1 SW DAM, PA 29.0°F 31.0°F 2002 61
BUTLER 2 SW, PA 30.0°F 30.0°F 2002 41
DUBOIS FAA AP, PA (KDUJ) 30.0°F 32.0°F 1973 40
WILKES BARRE SCRANTON, PA 30.0°F 32.0°F 2002 60
INDIANA 3 SE, PA 30.0°F 30.0°F 2002 62
WAYNESBURG 1 E, PA 31.0°F 33.0°F 1976 48
ALLENTOWN AP, PA (KABE) 32.0°F 35.0°F 2002 61
BLUE MARSH LAKE, PA 33.0°F 35.0°F 2002 31
WEST CHESTER 2 NW, PA 33.0°F 34.0°F 2003 103
SELINSGROVE 2 S, PA 34.0°F 34.0°F 1916 95
NESHAMINY FALLS, PA 34.0°F 36.0°F 2002 60
LEWISTOWN, PA 35.0°F 35.0°F 1973 69
SHIPPENSBURG, PA 36.0°F 36.0°F 2003 76
HAMBURG, PA 36.0°F 36.0°F 1925 68
LANCASTER 2 NE FLTR PL, PA 37.0°F 39.0°F 2002 32
CHESTER 1 NW, SC 40.0°F 40.0°F 1976 78
SULLIVANS IS, SC 44.0°F 49.0°F 1994 52
JOHNSON CITY, TX 43.0°F 43.0°F 2002 40
BLANCO, TX 44.0°F 46.0°F 2002 108
BOERNE, TX 45.0°F 45.0°F 1970 105
FREDERICKSBURG, TX 46.0°F 46.0°F 1986 86
SOMERVILLE DAM, TX 46.0°F 52.0°F 1995 42
JUNCTION FAA AP, TX 47.0°F 47.0°F 1968 73
ATHENS, TX 47.0°F 48.0°F 2002 55
SMITHVILLE, TX 47.0°F 50.0°F 2002 82
NEW BRAUNFELS, TX 49.0°F 50.0°F 1986 111
MADISONVILLE, TX 49.0°F 49.0°F 2002 60
VICTORIA ASOS, TX (KVCT) 50.0°F 54.0°F 2002 53
CARTHAGE, TX 51.0°F 51.0°F 1976 53
FOWLERTON, TX 51.0°F 56.0°F 2002 49
BRENHAM, TX 51.0°F 51.0°F 2002 106
AUSTIN CAMP MABRY, TX 52.0°F 55.0°F 2002 77
CANYON DAM, TX 53.0°F 53.0°F 2002 44
DANEVANG 1 W, TX 53.0°F 53.0°F 2002 111
POTEET, TX 54.0°F 55.0°F 2002 64
EL CAMPO, TX 54.0°F 54.0°F 2002 38
GOLIAD, TX 54.0°F 56.0°F 2002 70
TILDEN 4 SSE, TX 54.0°F 55.0°F 1986 51
MERCEDES 6 SSE, TX 54.0°F 58.0°F 2007 38
PALACIOS MUNI AP, TX 55.0°F 55.0°F 2002 66
FALFURRIAS, TX 55.0°F 58.0°F 1945 100
ALVIN, TX 55.0°F 57.0°F 1986 38
COTULLA LA SALLE CO AP, TX 55.0°F 55.0°F 1986 55
MCCOOK, TX 57.0°F 57.0°F 1986 65
FREEPORT 2 NW, TX 57.0°F 57.0°F 2002 50
KINGSVILLE, TX 58.0°F 58.0°F 1986 69
WESLACO, TX 58.0°F 58.0°F 1956 88
BISHOP, TX 58.0°F 58.0°F 2002 30
BROWNSVILLE INTL AP, TX 59.0°F 62.0°F 1986 85
FALCON DAM, TX 60.0°F 60.0°F 1986 46
GALVESTON, TX 60.0°F 62.0°F 1986 58
MCALLEN INTL AP, TX (KMFE) 60.0°F 63.0°F 1986 48
WYTHEVILLE 1 S, VA 30.0°F 30.0°F 2002 90
STAFFORDSVILLE 3 ENE, VA 31.0°F 32.0°F 2002 37
HOT SPRINGS, VA 32.0°F 32.0°F 1916 111
LURAY 5 E, VA 33.0°F 34.0°F 2002 67
WOODSTOCK 2 NE, VA 33.0°F 34.0°F 2002 111
LOUISA, VA 33.0°F 34.0°F 2002 91
WINCHESTER 7 SE, VA 33.0°F 36.0°F 2002 93
STERLING RCS, VA 36.0°F 36.0°F 2002 30
STUART, VA 36.0°F 37.0°F 1976 45
ROANOKE INTL AP, VA (KROA) 37.0°F 39.0°F 1994 61
FARMVILLE 2 N, VA 37.0°F 38.0°F 1956 87
JOHN H KERR DAM, VA 38.0°F 42.0°F 2002 59
DANVILLE RGNL AP, VA 38.0°F 41.0°F 1976 47
WARRENTON 3 SE, VA 39.0°F 40.0°F 1976 58
PIEDMONT RSCH STN, VA 39.0°F 39.0°F 1976 62
RICHMOND INTL AP, VA 41.0°F 42.0°F 2002 88
CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W, VA 41.0°F 42.0°F 1994 115
MORRISVILLE 4 SSW, VT 26.0°F 26.0°F 1987 36
MONTPELIER AP, VT (KMPV) 28.0°F 29.0°F 1991 60
BAYARD, WV 26.0°F 28.0°F 1941 100
KUMBRABOW, WV 27.0°F 29.0°F 1955 33
ELKINS RANDOLPH CY AP, WV 28.0°F 31.0°F 2002 83
BELINGTON, WV 28.0°F 32.0°F 1979 43
BECKLEY VA HOSPITAL, WV 29.0°F 29.0°F 1916 101
BUCKEYE, WV 29.0°F 34.0°F 2007 47
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV 30.0°F 32.0°F 2002 93
MIDDLEBOURNE 3 ESE, WV 30.0°F 33.0°F 2002 67
ROWLESBURG 1, WV 31.0°F 36.0°F 2002 63
MOOREFIELD 1 SSE, WV 31.0°F 33.0°F 1925 86
WEST UNION 2, WV 32.0°F 33.0°F 2002 35
FAIRMONT, WV 32.0°F 35.0°F 2002 104
UPPER TRACT, WV 32.0°F 33.0°F 1923 37
CLARKSBURG BENEDUM FLD, WV 32.0°F 38.0°F 1941 43
BUCKHANNON, WV 32.0°F 33.0°F 1893 113
SUMMERSVILLE LAKE, WV 32.0°F 34.0°F 1973 41
PHILIPPI, WV 32.0°F 37.0°F 2002 39
CLARKSBURG 1, WV 33.0°F 34.0°F 1935 85
WESTON, WV 33.0°F 35.0°F 2002 106
HAMLIN, WV 34.0°F 35.0°F 2002 66
GASSAWAY, WV 35.0°F 35.0°F 2007 57
MARTINSBURG, WV 35.0°F 37.0°F 2002 83
CHARLESTON YEAGER, WV 35.0°F 35.0°F 2002 60 month=5&day=19&year=2009&submitted=Get+Records

Thanks to Chuck Clancy for this link

Obama Moves To Halt Global Warming

Vicious Global Warming Attack

Vicious Global Warming Attack

Man, that was fast!

I think he’s done already. (Ice Age Now).

Obama now has only to collect your cash (all of it), which he will use to fund massive ACORN vote fraud “organization.”

Ominous Carbon Dioxide Shortfall

The human contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is tailing off, rapidly.

Unless there is some other dominant source of carbon dioxide that is tailing off.
(in edit, actually I allude too vaguely here to uptake by the cooling oceans).

Temperature is tailing off.

But your energy taxes, and what you will pay for your next car, is SURGING UP; to stop global warming you think, since geniuses in or from government told you

I wouldn’t stand for it; but that’s me.

The graph is difficult to attribute, but ICECAP is always a good place to start/visit/hang around. The real truth is here, if you can handle it.

I added the green dashed line.

Carbon Dioxide Multiplier Less Than Unity

Carbon Dioxide Multiplier Less Than Unity

Climate Change Before Invention of CO2

Like the Internet – CO2, at least the variety that affects climate, was invented by Al Gore. Unlike the internet, he has yet to show us any of the article, though.

Before the convenient (and much more lucrative than the internet) invention of CO2, climate change visited Earth on virtually innumerable occasions. “One-third of the human race died; terror and anarchy prevailed,” in the most recent pre-CO2 climatic excursion.

Today, we are rapidly learning what causes ice ages, big and little (Chilling Stars, here and here), and also what causes hypsithermals, the namesake of this blog’s URL. (Thank God for hypsithermals; I do).

Hypsithermals are rare in the “geologic perspective” of Earth. Enjoy the warmth while you can; but take great heed that hypsithermal is not forever. They don’t last long, at all.

In northern Europe, the Little Ice Age kicked off with the Great Famine of 1315. Crops failed due to cold temperatures and incessant rain. Desperate and starving, parents ate their children, and people dug up corpses from graves for food. In jails, inmates instantly set upon new prisoners and ate them alive.

The Great Famine was followed by the Black Death, the greatest disaster ever to hit the human race. One-third of the human race died; terror and anarchy prevailed. Human civilization as we know it is only possible in a warm interglacial climate. Short of a catastrophic asteroid impact, the greatest threat to the human race is the onset of another ice age.

The oscillation between ice ages and interglacial periods is the dominant feature of Earth’s climate for the last million years. But the computer models that predict significant global warming from carbon dioxide cannot reproduce these temperature changes. This failure to reproduce the most significant aspect of terrestrial climate reveals an incomplete understanding of the climate system, if not a nearly complete ignorance.

Story here: The Coming Ice Age

Footnote: Why are the dips referred to as minima? I leave it to you, as an exercise.

SERIOUS Climate Change before CO2

SERIOUS Climate Change before CO2

Gore Pwnd Hard; Put Away Wet

Climate prediction failure and leading candidate for clown of the year Al Gore TAKES A MAJOR BEATING in Congress (ouch, EMBARRASSING); his downward spiral to full laughingstock status accelerates:

H/T:  SVBOR  Al Gore, the Filthy Lying Scumbag, gets OWNED

Orgy of Spending (bad!)

In case you missed it, Orgies of Spending are BAD!!!!

Now, apocalypses of spending, dwarfing mere orgies, make a lot more sense:

My debt is the biggest of all

My debt is the biggest of all

What the hey; Obama expects your children can clean it up.

Gateway Pundit, White House Sees Higher US Deficit Than Expected …Updated With Video

“Robust Failure” of Global Warming

Exactly, “robust failure on the part of the GISS model to project warming.” The upper 2.6 meters of ocean has heat capacity equal to the entire atmosphere above it! If we analyze temperatures to 750 meters, we are accounting for 80% of Earths entire (surface) heat, based on the thermal mass of ocean. Since 2003 we have quite accurate records of ocean temperatures, thanks to the Argo buoy observations. The temperature of Earth, by this accurate observation, is not going up, as predicted by the AGW models. In fact, it is going down rather sharply.

AGW Model - robust FAIL

AGW Model - robust FAIL

“Earth is losing slightly more energy than it (has) absorbed” from 2003 to 2008. All the while carbon dioxide is increasing! “Arm waving and ad hoc explanations (such as large margins of error) are not sufficient.”

We should think again before handing the energy industry over to our voracious, incompetent government (which maintains AGW is perfectly accurate, but won’t say why).

Thermal mass of Earth concentrated in ocean

Thermal mass of Earth concentrated in ocean

Very readable story here: Have Changes In Ocen Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis? – A guest Weblog by William DiPuccio

And here: Have Changes In Ocean Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis? What’s New and Cool, March 09,2009 ICECAP

Prepare To Chill

Obama is turning off the heat, and our energy supply, in precisely the nick of time. Phenomenal timing, Obama! How many lives will it cost. Obama prepares in reverse for the historically obvious, and inevitable climate cataclysm. What an exquisite irony. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. By halting development of energy resources, including carbon-dioxide free nuclear sources (why?) we will ehance our enjoyment (please read: human suffering) to the max.

Global warming, is it? Where, did you say?

David Archibald observes again: indications that the present solar minimum resembles the Maunder period are apparent. Story here: Our Current Minimum is More Maunder than Dalton.

Maunder Minimum, much more severe than Dalton

Maunder Minimum, much more severe than Dalton

If you consider the [current sunspot] counting problem, they (ed. current, and Maunder) are actually a pretty good match.

Highly remarkable match, actually. One thing is for sure: We’ll find out how good, without energy development.

Science of Preemptive Denial

Dedicated UK “scientist” Mike Lockwood and colleagues have discovered a brave new scientific function: Preemptive Denial.

This is how Mike Lockwood proud and loud refers to his own work: “Preemptive Denial”

Now what should we think of his work?

Story with links here: Sun Oddly Quiet–Hints at Next “Little Ice Age”?

“[Global warming] skeptics tend to leap forward,” said Mike Lockwood, a solar terrestrial physicist at the University of Southampton in the U.K. (Get the facts about global warming.) He and other researchers are therefore engaged in what they call “preemptive denial” of a solar minimum leading to global cooling.