“Robust Failure” of Global Warming

Exactly, “robust failure on the part of the GISS model to project warming.” The upper 2.6 meters of ocean has heat capacity equal to the entire atmosphere above it! If we analyze temperatures to 750 meters, we are accounting for 80% of Earths entire (surface) heat, based on the thermal mass of ocean. Since 2003 we have quite accurate records of ocean temperatures, thanks to the Argo buoy observations. The temperature of Earth, by this accurate observation, is not going up, as predicted by the AGW models. In fact, it is going down rather sharply.

AGW Model - robust FAIL

AGW Model - robust FAIL

“Earth is losing slightly more energy than it (has) absorbed” from 2003 to 2008. All the while carbon dioxide is increasing! “Arm waving and ad hoc explanations (such as large margins of error) are not sufficient.”

We should think again before handing the energy industry over to our voracious, incompetent government (which maintains AGW is perfectly accurate, but won’t say why).

Thermal mass of Earth concentrated in ocean

Thermal mass of Earth concentrated in ocean

Very readable story here: Have Changes In Ocen Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis? – A guest Weblog by William DiPuccio

And here: Have Changes In Ocean Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis? What’s New and Cool, March 09,2009 ICECAP


6 Responses

  1. There is no Global Warming that;s caused by anything Mankind has done. Our weather is caused by that big Yellow ball called the SUN! We’ve done extensive research into the matter ever since Al Gore shot of his lying mouth.

    Sorry to disappoint you;ll al but we didn’t do it!


    CF Brandon CEO
    Brandell Research Institute

    • Guys like you who have credibility in the research of climate need to negate con artists like Gore by casting your research reports wide and far…

      The more credible information that is out in the media the harder it is for snake oil salesmen to make a living.

      We went to sleep for 20 years and woke up to find that the wolf had taken over chicken coupe

  2. With all the hype and innuendo out there, it appears absolutely no one (especially Al Gore and his conspirators) remembers anything from our grade school science classes; i.e.”photosynthesis”?? You know, the class where they taught us that plants and trees “thrive” on carbon dioxide and, in turn, the plants and trees give off oxygen; there is absolutely NO dispute about that! So, as long as we have plants and trees (stop destroying the rain forests) there won’t be much of a problem, unless earth and the sun, both, decide to leave their normal arc of travel – -and that occurrence would have, absolutely, nothing to do with MAN!!

  3. Whats extremely disconcerting is that the science is there for all to read, but many would rather believe in magic..

    Thats what AL Gore and company are peddling… ‘magic’

    America had the finest education system in the World, back in the 30s, 40s and 50s….its been totally undermined by the socialist agenda; intentionally..

    The result is an average citizen who can longer reason, or sort fact from fiction.

    Al Gore doesnt believe in Global Warming any more than he believes in the man-in-the-moon.

    He wish’s to exploit superstitution and fear to gain absolute power. In a word, a new Hitler.

    You may scoff, as they scoffed at Hitler when he wrote Mein Kampf. They stopped when he started sending them off to death camps and work camps.

  4. “He wish’s to exploit superstitution and fear to gain absolute power. In a word, a new Hitler.”

    Not really like that but yes, like Germany in the early 1930’s, Germans had an albatross of guilt hanging around their necks. Because they had lost WW1 and world sanctions were in place against them, they were ripe for someone to come along and offer them ‘hope’. The ‘good cause’ of ‘Nationalism’ was that hope. For liberals today, the guilt is simply living a comfortable life while people starve in Chad and the ‘good cause’ is ‘saving the planet’. History is repeating itself – on a global scale.

    • I think your giving socialists too much credit…when kids they felt guilty because they were made to feel guilty by religious teachings harping on that theme. Now its backfired, because its been perverted and turned inward and become hatred for the society and institutions that made them feel pathologically guilty as kids and which they couldnt rid themselves of.

      Hence Socialism is anti-religion, anti-tradition, anti-Constitution, anti-freedom; because these twisted minds want to force people to do, what a free society cannot force them to do; ‘ for their own good” of course. In actuality, it boils down to them wanting to punish society for being the source of their uncontrollable and pathological guilt.

      Pathological guilt becomes pathological hatred, this models Hitlers pathological hatred of those he blamed for his initial failures in life.

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