Obama Suppresses Science

It’s true, there’s no debate (permitted):

H/T: Moonbattery EPA Buries Truth About Global Warming Hoax


2 Responses

  1. I knew this global warming crap was nonsense. Most of it throughout the 1900s was the temperature rebounding from out last mini ice age we had which also was the reason for the black plague in Europe. We simply do not have enough meteorological statistics to make an assumption that the temperature was going to go up and not stop and that we where doing it. All it takes is one volcano to put more crap into our atmosphere then all the cars currently running do. There just to many things that effects the global weather that I’m sure we haven’t discovered yet. There might be a little change in orbit or rotation of there earth we don’t know about that can also effect it and we can’t also forget that the continents are moving to. There so many factors people don’t even stop and think about. I just wish it could get out there more and open people up to this. I live in Chicago so its very liberal and most the time I’m better off talking to a wall about these issues. Thank you for reading over this comment and I hope you can get more people to open there eyes with the real issues and the truth to it.

  2. Check out Henrik Swensmark’s theory about Cosmic Rays, the Sun’s magnetic fields and their oscillations, the position of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the formation of low level clouds.

    This is the most comprehensive presentation of how our climate varies over time.

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