Frigid Summer in Chicago

If you can spare your next $10 grand to fight global warming and line ACORN vote organizer pockets, don’t read this. On the other hand, read this.

Global Warming drives Chi-town to a sweltering 65F on July 8

Global Warming drives Chi-town to a sweltering 65F on July 8

Is warming still pretty much the opposite of getting cold? More or less, I mean.

Next, we may hear that unseasonable cold is causing stress to food crops.

Chicago has its coolest July 8 in 118 years
By Tom Skilling
July 9, 2009
For the 12th time this meteorological summer (since June 1), daytime highs failed to reach 70 degrees Wednesday. Only one other year in the past half century has hosted so many sub-70-degree days up to this point in a summer season — 1969, when 14 such days occurred.

Wednesday’s paltry 65-degree high at O’Hare International Airport (an early-May-level temperature and a reading 18 degrees below normal) was also the city’s coolest July 8 high in 118 years — since a 61-degree high on the date in 1891.

Rains on Wednesday were bothersome but generally light in the city, where 0.20 inches fell at Midway Airport. Heavier rains were recorded well west and southwest of Chicago, including an unofficial report of 0.93 inches at DeKalb and 0.60 inches in Pontiac.

Sunshine re-emerges Thursday and should boost temperatures back into the 80s. Southeast winds off Lake Michigan will limit shoreline highs to the mid-and-upper 70s. An isolated thunderstorm may bubble to life in far western sections of the area late in the day.


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  1. If anyone in Chicago has been looking up at the sky this summer 2009, they are witnessing what may well be one of the more massive chemtrail operations anywhere in the world. On almost any day that srarts with a clear blue sky you will observe the high flying jets releasing their chemical streaks that span from horizon-to-horizon. The initially narrow white streaks then continue steadily widening out into what looks like a long cloud, but the regular striped pattern of them across the sky tells you theer are not normal clouds. A thin white haziness gradually decends to cover the whole veiw in all directions. Now that Project Cloverleaf has been acknowledged as a real program intended to “evaluate possible methods for mitigating global warning”, it would seem that things have shifted toward a full sped ahead mode. Study your skies every day. Search chemtrails on YouTube to learn how to recognize them. Ask yourself what they must do this release of toxic chemicals over densely populated areas all around the world. How has such a massive and expensive program remained under the radar for over ten (10) years now?

  2. […] patterns as time goes on. I’m no meterologist, but I definitely notice when Chicago has it’s coolest July 8th in 118 years, North Dakota has it’s first snowfall in June in 60 years, a summer of record low […]

  3. […] of the season was Parts of Michigan Shatter Record For Coldest July 18 – Ever! And this: Frigid Summer in Chicago. The year before was not quite as […]

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