Fort Wayne Smashes Record for Coldest July – EVER

The fiendish greenhouse toxin Carbon Dioxide, as a percentage of atmosphere, continues relentlessly upward.

But Fort Wayne obliterates its all-time record for coldest July EVER by a whopping 0.8 degrees Farenheit.

Hey: If there are more tornados, you should pay Al Gore, government, and scientists more money.

If there are less tornados, you should pay Al Gore, government, and scientists more money.

If the carbon dioxide goes up, you should pay Al Gore, government, and scientists more money.

If the carbon dioxide goes sideways, the same.

Did it ever occur to you that Al Gore, government, and scientists, don’t know anything more about climate than you do? No matter how desparatly they claim to.

It should have. Because they don’t. They have not a clue more sure knowledge about climate than you do. They cannot predict anything.

Except, maybe a few historians qualify as reliable scientists. Some historians have noticed that the prolonged sunspot-free periods are accompanied by bitter cold on Earth; so cold that food becomes scarce and limited in its variety.

History will repeat, no matter what self-glorified climate scientists, government bureaucrats, and Al Gore tell you.

History you can trust. Scientists, Al Gore, and government bureaucrats you cannot. I really thought this was obvious; sorry I keep repeating myself.

But here’s what I intended to bring you, the story about Fort Wayne’s COOLEST JULY EVER:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) — This July ranks as the coldest July on record in the Fort Wayne area. The average monthly temperature for July 2009 was 68.9 degrees. That’s 4.5 degrees below normal. The previous record was 69.7 degrees set in 1967.

Why so cool?

A persistent trough of low pressure across Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States has helped to funnel cool Canadian air into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley for most of the summer, while keeping the hot and humid weather well to our west. In addition to the cooler than normal air, below normal dew points have helped to make the summer feel more like Fall with very low but comfy relative humidities.

Lake effect… in July?!

It has been so cool that on two separate occasions, rare July lake effect rain showers occurred across southwest lower Michigan and northwest Indiana on July 1st and 2nd, and again on July 18th. On both occasions, high temperatures remained in the low 60’s and low 70’s.

Highs and Lows

The hottest day was on July 10th with a high of 87, and the coolest temperature was 49 just four days later on July 14th. The last time the highest temperature in July was just 87 was in 2000. All other July highest temperatures on record had high temperatures of at least 88 degrees. The average HIGH temperature was 79.2 degrees, which is the record coolest average high temperature for July. July 1915 was previously the coldest at 79.9 degrees. The average monthly low temperature was 58.5, and this ranked as the third coolest for average low temperatures.

Struggling to warm up.

Only three of the 31 days in July 2009 had an average temperature above normal. July 28th was the warmest day of the month with an average temperature of 75 degrees, just two degrees above normal. There was one day with the average temperature at least ten degrees below normal, and that was the coldest day of the month on July 4th. The high was only 72 and the low was 52, and average temperature of 62, eleven degrees below normal. Fort Wayne also broke records for the coolest high temperature on two separate days, July 17th and 22nd.

“Struggling to warm up” is the problem then? In July? Will reality sink in, in Fort Wayne? Not ’til Fort Wayne starves, if Al Gore, scientists, and Washington bureaucrats have their way.

The bottom line: If you want to know the future, first at least make sure you understand the past. Outside of that, shut up.


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