Confident It’s A Mild Minimum Earth Faces?

Another 30 day sunspot free period?

Another 30 day sunspot free period?

Two or three more days without a sunspot, and we’ll have another 30-day spot-free period under our belts; but who is counting? Anthropogenic carbon dioxide controls weather via the greenhouse effect, right . . . And as carbon dioxide goes up, temperature goes up, right? Please show me, since 1998, just how much temperature has gone up.

Sunspots, climate change and the sleepy sun: Some deeper science

In fact, 2008, which was the quietest solar year in a century, could be bettered by 2009. If 70% of the remaining days in 2009 are sunspot free, we’ll pass 2008, bumping it into 3rd place. The greatest number of sunspot free days since the year 1900 was in 1913, with approx. 320. The math shows that this record at least is safe for another year.

Another measure of solar sleep is the 10-centimeter radio flux streaming out from the nearest star to Earth. This too has been at very low levels in 2009, continuing the trend of the past two years. Much research shows that lower solar “wind” leads to more intergalactic particles reaching the earth’s surface, and possibly more cloud formation. Perhaps this is how solar changes relate to Earth temperatures. More particles provide more collection sites for water vapor to condense, hence more clouds.

Of the 10 most sunspot free years in the past 110 years, 2008, 2007, and 2009 are now included; all of them. But we are only 2/3 of the way through 2009. And, the next sunspot could be a cycle 23 spot, just as easily as a cycle 24 spot, apparently. The older cycle 23 becomes, the fewer sunspots will occur in cycle 24, experience shows. How confident are you that it’s a Dalton Minimum or less severe minimum and cold period Earth faces, and not a more serious Maunder-like event; or worse? Scientists are not concerned; government is not concerned; energy sources are being idled and new sources are not being built or opened.


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