Oh; No Tomatos in Wisconsin, Either

Ice Age Now: No Tomatos in Wisconsin, Either

Probably, the ravages of global greenhouse warming are laying waste to another state’s crop of wonderful, healthy, tomatos!

Or thousands of MassiveMegaStorms, as forecasted by Al Gore and Jim Hansen, have ripped the vines apart.

Jim and Al, should we plant cold-weather crops next spring, too; oh prognisticators of prognosticators. Thanks in advance for your climate forecasting brilliance.

7 Aug 09 – Email from a reader in Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Felix,

The article about the Nebraska tomatoes was fun.
At least they have fruit on their vines.

My tomato plants are robust and very healthy but with
very few blossoms and no fruit as yet.

All my cool weather crops are doing great, peas, carrots,
cabbage and potatoes but the rest is decidedly lagging.

I’m in Northern Wisconsin about ten miles south of Lake Superior and it has been fairly cool here this year.

Duluth records are tracking this summer in the top ten for coolest.

This next week we are supposed to get a string of 80 degree days but we will have to wait and see because every time they say that as time passes they end up revising their predictions and lowering the predicted temperature.

From the looks of things I wouldn’t be surprised to see a frost in the next couple weeks and an early winter.

Just thought you would have fun with hearing from this area.

Lenore Smith
Iron River, Wisconsin


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