Sun to Earth: We Are Feeling Very Sleepy Here

Declining Sunspot Magnetic Fields?
The excellent, if not so pleasant, story is here: Are Sunspots Disappearing?

Long term trend:  first, weaker sunspots, then fewer sunspots

Long term trend: first, weaker sunspots, then fewer sunspots

The magnetic activity of the Sun is weakening very dramatically, over the last dozen, or two, years, we can see from the chart above, and from other indications. Thus, the Sun abandons us to our own protections against galactic cosmic rays (GCR), the highest energy particles that commonly interact in our atmosphere, unless they are deflected entirely from the inner solar system by the normal magnetic influences of solar activity. But practically, Earth has nothing even faintly approaching the shielding capacity of the sun’s magnetosphere, or heliosphere. We are not just on our own, we are utterly helpless.

One highly compelling theory (“The Chilling Stars“) relates higher rates of reflective low cloud formation with increased incidence of GCR. This relationship has been validated in several ways, but is still not accepted by the scientific community at large, which for the most part is paid by government to do fundamental research in pumping carbon dioxide down abandoned mine shafts instead.

Chilling stars or not, there is an utterly inescapable relationship between long solar sunspot cycles, reduced sunspot counts, and bitter cold periods on Earth called “Little Ice Ages.” Chilling Stars only offers a very reasonable and sensible mechanism linking the two phenomena. However, every true historian knows they are linked in practicality.

What else is linked to reduced sunspot counts, and bitter cold periods on Earth? To start, disease and starvation are linked.

Who attends to the messages from the Sun about its magnetic plans for the future GCR bombardment of Earth’s atmosphere? You should; and keep in mind, your government has other, more lucrative, priorities. Your government will absolutely not under any circumstances attend to messages from the Sun. It (government I mean) is useless.


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