Alarming Advance Continues – Artic Sea Ice

Our highly advanced computer models show that at the present rate of advance, Arctic sea ice will consume Washington, D.C. in only 89 years.

Can we hold out until then?

Huge, Alarming Advance in Arctic Sea Ice

Huge, Alarming Advance in Arctic Sea Ice

See also: SBVOR Arctic Sea Ice & Polar Bear Commentary
(You can always get the updated (daily I think) Arctic Sea Ice Extent graphic here; scroll down)


10 Responses

  1. ChillGuy,

    BRILLIANT satire!


  2. Thanks, and thanks again- owe you for the updated chart, too!

  3. ChillGuy,

    You are most welcome.

    And, yes, the Arctic sea ice extent chart is, with only rare exceptions, (automatically) updated daily. In fact, the update occurs at 9PM MDT (11PM EDT) each night.

  4. Right, humor and facts make an unbeatable weapon.

  5. On a semi-serious note, does anyone notice how the bottom of the ice curve this year seems to occur sooner than any other year on the graph? It is more difficult to see all the earlier years this decade, but this year does seem different in that respect.

  6. Cold in Minneapolis,

    1) Actually, the minimum sea ice extent was reached earlier in 2008 (9/9/08 vs. 9/13/09).

    These are the dates of the various minimas:
    9/9/02 — (apparent — some data are missing)

    From this page:

    you can click “Data Download” to download the data into a spreadsheet and examine for yourself.

    2) But, there is no real significance to that observation. The minima is usually reached sometime in September. Exactly when is slightly variable according to weather variations for that year.

  7. I create a chart showing the delta from the average sea ice extent on that date. It is much more usefull in “seeing” what is really going on.

  8. [url=]Sea Ice Delta[/b]

  9. 89 years, eh? Guess it’s time to get into the ski resort business.

  10. “Guess it’s time to get into the ski resort business.”

    Maybe so…

    Here in Ski Town USA (Steamboat Springs, CO), the ski resort had an all-time record snowfall amount winter before last.

    And, this year, I awoke to a snow covered front lawn on the last day of summer. That normally doesn’t happen until Halloween.

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