Finland, Gore Sting Obama For $530 Million

Al Gore and Finland needed bigtime $$$CASH to build $100K electric sports cars. The market should be huge (grin), but $530 Million is a lot of cash.

They found a sucker.

Our commander-in-chief, wants to fund foreign car manufacturing operations, in competition with GM (himself), not to mention the viable, free-market domestic concern, Ford.

For some reason, free-market capital would not fund it. Wonder why.

H/T: Gore Lied Video: Al Gore-backed Fisker Automotive gets $529M US government loan to bankroll production of $89,000 hybrid sports car


One Response

  1. Does this sound like Chicago-style politics or what? I have tried to bring matters like this to the attention of my three “representatives” in Congress and all I get is a bland – “Thank you for expressing your opinion . . .”

    I fear this sort of thing is going to result in some very serious actions by citizens driven to them by politicians like Obama, Gore, et al.

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