Obama to Save Food, Potato Supply

Greedy Farmers have taken unwise risks and planted seed potatos during climate change; even though FNMA and FMAC didn’t order them to.

Obama will appoint a slightly experienced (black nationalist Marxist attorney spitting image of himself for diversity) food czar to take over management of the farm industry; hope and change in operation.

Sure, food prices may go up slightly through the roof, but the ones doing the paying will be the rich former slave-holders, after all, who have long milked the free market system. The gravy train is over. Affordable food for SEIU and ACORN; that is what we need.

Cold Temperatures Threaten Seed Potato Crop

Missoulian, AP Story


BOZEMAN – Record-low temperatures in southwestern Idaho are threatening to destroy at least a portion of this season’s crop of seed potatoes.

Spuds still in the ground could be saved by a layer of snow; a dusting had fallen on Bozeman and the surrounding region by Sunday.

Nina Zydak, director of the Montana State University Potato Lab, said most area farmers have already started digging.

But many farmers expect to lose some of their potatoes.

“It’s over,” Larry Van Dyke, who owns Van Dyke Farms in Townsend, told the Bozeman Chronicle.

He says when it’s this cold for too long, the frost penetrates and the taters are toast.

The main goal now is to make sure the spoiled potatoes don’t make it into his cellar.

Temperatures on Saturday evening dipped to 17 degrees; the last time it was this cold, this early, in southwestern Idaho was more than two decades ago, in 1985.


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  1. One of the classic demonstrations of Capitalism’s superiority over Communism is your local grocery store. It always has what your community needs because it knows what you want.
    Unlike the stores in Moscow used to be, with empty shelves, because the government’s central management and price controls made them so.
    I guess it’s our turn now that we have a “food czar” who will tell people what to plant–though they know nothing about farming, and stores what to buy–though nobody wants it.
    The shelves will be empty soon enough.

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