Maunder Shutdown May Be Imminent

If Americans burned all the carbon fuels available in the world next year, it wouldn’t add enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to cause global warming.

Other factors, besides government’s gold mine carbon dioxide, will indeed determine climate on Earth, and the immediate implications of this could be grave indeed.

(The simple fact that government fixates on carbon dioxide as an indicator of climate clearly proves that the success of government health care will be random at best; the last decade of painstaking study shows carbon dioxide goes up and temperature does not, including ocean temperature).

Since we can expect no aid from government whatever, and being concerned about staying alive, if we can’t get coal or natural gas, we will burn the forests, as has been done in northern India.

At present, our climatic situation may well be closest to that of New Orleans in early 2005.

Our current government doesn’t want us to have access to coal, natural gas, or carbon fuels. Our current government is not over-concerned about human life. Other matters, like re-allocating wealth, are an emergency requiring immediate attention. Wind turbines only expand government control, as does subsuming free-market health care, which is another current emergency.

These present emergencies may soon be replaced.

The world today in harsh reality finds itself under a huge pincer attack, with the chilling stars, the predominant long-term climatic mechanism on Earth, on one pincer, and idiots (government politicians and bureaucrats) on the other.

We can’t do anything about the chilling stars, now.

The most incredible jinx in scientific history, Al Gore and his regressive, deluded associates, might be another matter.

How is it possible that humanity can learn so little from history? We are a galactic embarrassment, ourselves.

There is no data to date which diverges from the pattern of the start of the Maunder Minimum

Have you ever heard of the Maunder Minimum? It is no myth, I assure you. Study up. Study the Maunder Minimum to learn the true (near-term) future of Earth, which future resembles its past closely.

Another parallel with the Maunder Minimum

Activity and timing of the current minimum, as well as the timing of the Solar Cycle 24 maximum in 2015, is paralleling the start of the Maunder Minimum. There is no data to date which diverges from the pattern of the start of the Maunder Minimum.

Maunder Maximum in Human Misery

15 Year Cycle? CO2 is nothing.

The Al Gore Minimum may now be upon us.


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