Obama Shuts San Jaoquin on Eve of Great Maunder

Timing is everything.

The great breadbasket of the world, practically, the San Jaoquin valley, is now shuttered by Obama’s government.

Farm workers, teachers, landowners, the entire local economy, is abandoning the once-fertile San Jaoquin, en masse. The land is being returned to its previous state which was desert. The evil practice of irrigation threatens unlikely harm to the delta smelt. Carbon dioxide also threatens to increase the greenhouse effect, according to computer theory.

Skyrocketing food prices are as desireable to government as are skyrocketing energy prices and skyrocketing transportation prices and skyrocketing taxes. Government gets paid without producing goods and services; government has a permanent meal-ticket, it thinks. Government expands as economy contracts. Government jobs are inflation-proof.

The American economy, which is failed according to Obama’s government, because the economy was run by greedy captialists instead of government, is also thought by government to be able to withstand any and every tax government can devise, and somehow be renewed. Skyrocketing food prices are another well-considered progressive government idea.

Government may be in for a very rude surprise. Government believes, or has been telling us, that global temperatures are going up; but they are not.

Every sign from the Sun, our only provider of precious warmth, is that the warmth is going to be dramatically reduced, for the next 75 years, possibly.

The timing of the Obama government could not be more exquisite, judging by the current magnetic solar conditions compared to 350 years ago.

But we will see. In the past, when the Sun has gone quiet, the Earth has gone cold. And there are good scientific reasons for this, but government does not subscribe to good science.

Disease, starvation, and suffering were widespread conditions 350 years ago, during a prolonged period of solar quiet called the Maunder Minimum. Has history ever repeated?

By closing the San Jaoquin valley (not to mention placing vast tracts of America off-limits to energy development) the Obama government is rolling the dice. Again. Again. And again.

Climate history should not be taken lightly. Shutting the San Jaoquin down, while the Sun is already shutting down, can only be the act of a deranged lunatic. Obama is the handmaiden of Al Gore.


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