Government Global Warming Promises Turn Fatal in Miami

IPCC and US Government promises of global warming have turned fatal – even in MIAMI, FLORIDA.

Brutal government greed, no longer limited by the US Constitution, is likely to deliver a lot more fatality, in the near future.

Global warming is a striking example of abuse of power by government. Government had no business there.

Do you see any global warming? Government imagines it does. They have detailed computer-generated graphs.

Keep this in mind: while government insists on taxing you to prevent global warming, your primary problem in the next half-century probably is to keep warm.

And this will happen again, in another 400 years or so. IF WE ARE LUCKY. Otherwise, Earth will get really cold. This (either event) has happened innumerably in history and before history.

Stay warm.

Miami’s First Cold Weather Death Confirmed

Cold temps and no heat led to hypothermia for an elderly man
Updated 8:17 PM EST, Tue, Jan 12, 2010

A 77-year-old man died of hypothermia Tuesday in what could be considered the first death in Miami that could be attributed to the record cold weather that has lingered in the city.

Wilfredo Arreyes died at Jackson Memorial Hospital and his roommate Miguel Alemon, 93, is still in critical condition after the two spent days in the frigid cold weather with no heat or covers in their apartment on Northwest 10th Avenue and Northwest 2nd Street in Little Havana.

The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office will do an autopsy to determine if something else may have contributed to the Arreyes’ death.

Police and fire rescue officials found the two men inside their apartment huddled together on Friday night. Arreyes was already unconscious and Alemon was semi-conscious, officials said. There was no heat in the apartment and there did not appear to be any covers for the men to get warm.

Temperatures have dipped into the 30s several times over the past two weeks and freeze warnings have been in effect for Miami and other parts of South Florida for a few days now.

Police were notified of the plight of the men by a third roommate, who was out of town and became concerned after he couldn’t get his phone calls answered.


8 Responses

  1. I am deeply saddened to read of this.

    Am trying to do something but I have to get my own house in order first.

    Hope the many millionaires in USA could help.

    Salaam (greenpeace).

  2. Greenpeace chillguy33 et al,

    I am chuffed to receive a reply from an esteemed green blogger, and hereby write to provide suggestions for your kind consideration.

    Gold would be nice, perhaps you have read about it on Che Det’s blog. Going back to Gold could ensure no nation spends what they don’t have running twin deficits where current account deficits finance there budget deficits; there will be no more “banana republics”, and ultimately forex fluctuations would cease.

    We are sure that many are grappling with uncertainties caused by Forex and Oil Price fluctuations. It makes our job as a Financial/Socio-Enviro-Econs/PSPP consultants difficult, having to trend from when statistics started to be recorded, map the events that influenced the trends, convert forex, read lots of outlooks and take a view, and then we bite our fingernails in case we took the wrong view … e.g. the World Energy Outlook 2007 said oil prices would hit USD100/bbl in 30 years time but they hit USD145/bbl mid-2008 …

    If only we could reduce the uncertainty by having a Global Green Master Plan where we work out how much every nation needs, what green tech and food is best to be produced where (excess food can always be transformed to energy and we have to prepare our later generations for polar reversal anyway) so that we know exactly how much energy is going to cost, which nations need to be developed and instead of nations competing for markets they can team up to combat Global Warming.

    It would make a welcome change from colonialisation by force or trickery, wars where especially Americans lose their lives (in favour of defence companies?). Perhaps defence companies would consider commercialisation of military technology and applications against global warming for example. And for the great American dream and the car-makers perhaps they would consider a great Green American dream and produce green cars instead?).

    We noted that green techs have been around for at least ten years but there is great resistance and barriers to expansion.

    What we have seen is that there is an entrenched business structure where the big boys hold the petchems and the emerging ones hold the green tech.

    Hope Greenpeace around the world can find ways to get them to work together, the emerging green tech guys don’t want to get eaten up by the big boys and lose control over the green.

    We foresee scope for the big boys and emerging green techs to work together; it is imperative for the market for green tech to be global to amortise R+D over the largest market possible to provide economies of scale in pricing.

    If they were to work together under joint venture rather than being eaten up, we foresee a migration plan for the big boys and yet the emerging can still retain control over use of their products so that they can ensure it will remain green.

    The global market would provide a better valuation for the green techs so they can retain control.

    The following from a blog to Tun Mahathir (Che Det) which was not published, we figured he probably wanted us to go join Greenpeace or follow up on our other dreams but we haven’t found the time …

    “We read on 19/10/2010 (our blog on that date not printed, noted inadequate details) Tun Lim Keng Yaik’s call that Malaysia and Indonesia should set a joint council in Europe and US to fight negative perceptions against palm oil.

    From a study that Gutsy Sailor and I did on Malaysia’s Biodiesel Potential 2-3 years ago, please be advised:

    1. Oil palm yields the highest (5,950 litres) feedstock oil per hectare, thus the lowest planting area displaced (coconut 2,689 litres, jatropha 1,892 litres, opium poppy 1,163 litres, maize 172 litres) – reference – Liberalisation of Trade in Renewable Energy and Associated Technologies: Biodiesel, Solar Thermal and Geothermal Energy, Ronald Steenblik,OECD Directorate, 4th April 2006, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    2. In 2006, Malaysia (14.5b litres, export profits around USD5b THEN), Indonesia (7.6b l), Philippines (1.2b l), Papua New Guinea and Thailand were the top 5 (developing?) countries with the highest profit potential from biodiesel exports, with the lowest production cost of around USD0.50/l THEN – reference – A Comparative International Analysis of the
    Potential Gains from Biodiesel Production and Export, Matthew P. Johnston and Tracey Holloway, Center for
    Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of Wisconsin, Submitted to Environmental Science & Technology, October 13, 2006

    Regarding my namesake Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior the vessel, the worst haze in 4 years affecting Singapore and Malaysia and schools closed in Muar due to high Air Pollution Index, could we look into alternative land clearing methods to slash and burn for oil palm plantations, employing labour-intensive sustainable development methods and obtain
    carbon credits for those, please? (Greenpeace, could we join you please?)”

    Hoping for support on carbon credits for soil based e.g. biofertiliser as well – but what would the the big boys do?

    That reminds me, I’m supposed to blog/email to my PM and email my mentor the Governor of Energy at World Economic Forum …

    Should you be interested to discuss further, we’d welcome an email from you. We’d just like Green Peace – no more wars, no more wastage.

    I thank God and the network of God’s Agents for the ideas, insights, inspirations and training. Should I have used inappropriate language or hurt anyone’s feelings, no offence was intended and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Salaam (greenpeace)

    • Food for thought for the ultra-open mind – science is not incompatible with spirituality

      • Responding to Malaysian PM’s call for responsible blogging, I would like to extend my deepest apologies to the American people if I had unduly alarmed them by the Hopi prophecies in:

        WHAT IF the prophecies need not come to pass? In the first place, the sea has not completely turned black. And what if the gourds had flown in the opposite direction, which had happened many decades ago in an incident that we wish hadn’t happened and like to forget. Moreover, WHAT IF the eigth sign is yet to pass – did oil spills begin BEFORE the hippie movement of the 70s? The ninth sign requires that we have heard of a dwelling place in the heavens, a blue star, is Skylab a blue star? Or we are looking for a REAL blue star or planet? Have we found an inhabitable planet that looks like a blue star?

        I see the Democrats as peaceful people (still wish Bill Clinton’s Roadmap to Peace had gone thru) and that their supporters have a conscience, as evidenced by recent films from Hollywood. I also believe that racism is a generalisation – from what I have read, even amongst Jews there are moderate and spiritual people, I am yet to learn more about Kaballah which from what I read also STRIVES to know God (thanks Jimmy Wales, hope to donate soon).

        I wish that muslims around the world would not judge America and Jews, let’s lay down all weapons, get back to rebuilding ourselves and our countries with positive land use and development, agriculture, trade, industry, services, jobs, GDP and GNI.

        I wish I knew why North Korea is sensitive, I wonder if they’ve been affected by sanctions and how their people live. It must be terrible to be separated from family for most of one’s life. If they had problems, I wish other nations could help them. And I wish all the forex and oil price uncertainty would end it’s enough to make whole nations jittery!

        I really wish the world would not engage in any international incidents and could discuss openly how to help each other. I wish the world would unite against Global Warming and ANY kind of warfare. Technology could be put to better use. Why waste when we can think of positive things to do with them? And could we have them all on one regulated platform I fear we’ll have to carry more than 2 hand-phones and the men will run out of pockets to put them in!

        And thank you Americans and other global leading nations for advances in ICT and Multimedia such that we had the opportunity to study and look for best practices in the Environmental Sector (water, sewerage, stormwater, solid waste) and Infrastructure Sector (transport, utilities), Green Technology (alternative energy, magnetic levitation trains, biodiesel trams, fuel-cell buses, electric cars, hybrid cars, stackable cars, fuel source technology, Green Building & Sustainable Development as well as Environmental Protection and Preservation – check out Green Innovations!), Nutricosmeceuticals, Agriculture, Education, Tourism etc.

        I wish the world would come together to discuss the Global Green Master Plan, share progress on technologies and work out targets for migration to environmentally friendly products and processes.

        I thank God and the network of God’s Agents for the ideas, inspirations, insights and training. Should I have used inappropriate language or hurt anyone’s feelings, I had no bad intentions, I wanted to share good news (and sorry for disturbing your peace with any bad ones – intention was to get them FIXED the FASTEST), no offence was intended and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I hope if I offended anyone they would accept my deepest apologies and forgive me. I’m still learning.

        Salaam (greenpeace).

  3. great article but if you want to know more about whats happening to the environment and how we can save them then you should visit this site

  4. Tqvm shall do

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