Al Gore learns the metric system

Genius Al Gore tosses around “kilometers” as easy as you please in the video below.

This demonstrates a great sharpness of intellect which undoubtedly is the reason for his financial success.

It is amazing that a man as wealthy as Al Gore has time to study in such detail not only Earth’s core temperature, but also temperatures two kilometers in depth all over the globe.

And his mastery of the metric system is absolutely AWESOME. Perhaps he needs another Nobel prize, ya think?

Let’s see if this video gets censored again by NBC.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for including my blog, Heliogenic Climate Change, in Global Warming: A Worn-out Hoax’s blogroll.

    My blog has moved to a new address: I would appreciate it if you would update the link. Thanks. (I couldn’t find your email so I’ll leave this comment instead.)

    John Blethen, Ph.D.

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