Wonder of Wind

I saw this multi-billion dollar wind farm completely becalmed

I saw this multi-billion dollar wind farm completely becalmed

I wonder – where is the wind when you need it? See also Wind Turbines: How To Make Energy As Expensive as Possible

Sailors used wind before the internal combustion engine was available.

For a thousand years, we have dug deep and moved the earth to uncover coal; and we had abundant energy.

Now that Earth is getting cold, we are much wiser – we use wind. So the Earth doesn’t get warm.

The shutdown of coal-fired power that Obama bragged about during his campaign is real and it is NOW.

If you can get energy, it will cost you more – eventually much more. You had too much energy anyway.

Obama’s post-Americans will live in huts, like most of the rest of the world. It’s about time greedy Americans were made equal. Obama is determined to do it. More tax is only the start of “change.”

This story is REAL. The names haven’t been changed.

15 Missouri communities served by Sho-Me Power forced to look for new power supply

[…]But after 2013, the wind-generated power likely won’t flow into homes and businesses in Cabool, Mansfield, Waynesville and a dozen other small communities across southern Missouri.
Marshfield-based Sho-Me Power sent notices to the 15 communities in December saying it can no longer sell them electricity after Christmas of 2013 on a long-term basis.[…]

Associated Electric, which sells power wholesale to Sho-Me Power, is scaling back on selling electricity to municipal utilities because of an uncertain future in generating additional energy, said spokeswoman Nancy Southworth.

Proposals in Congress to rein in carbon dioxide emissions believed to be contributing to man-made global climate change have brought any plans to build or invest in new coal-burning power plants to a halt.
“Looking 20 years out, it gets very difficult to do that in today’s environment,” Hartman said. “It’s an uncertain future on coal and it takes a few years to build (a plant).” […]

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative in Marshfield plans to stop selling electricity to the following Missouri cities after 2013:
– Cabool
– Cuba
– Houston
– Mansfield
– Mountain View
– Newburg
– Richland
– Salem
– Seymour
– St. Robert
– Steelville
– Sullivan
– Waynesville
– Willow Springs
– Winona

You will pay government to subsidize wind power. When the wind stops, you may not be able to get power at all – the most practical backup to wind energy is coal.

Since government is now determining what energy source must be used, government will also determine who gets energy.

Wind farm subsidies top £1 billion a year

Britain’s energy policy faces new controversy as it can be revealed that electricity customers are paying more than £1 billion a year to subsidise windfarms and other forms of renewable energy.

H/T: Tom Nelson


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