Collapse of Utter Bullshit

Bullshit normally does collapse, which I think was predicted here. Kudos to me.

Grand narratives, be they bullshit or not, also collapse, we are now informed. I am not certain if every new grand narrative is bullshit; but I have long examined them for it. Some passed exams, like the grand narrative of private enterprise and free markets – a grand narrative indeed in an otherwise pathetic human history. The most noble narrative of all history may be free market capitalism; but this narrative today is under heavy attack by children.

There is little further need to examine the more or less grand narrative of global warming.

That is why I have not been posting much.

However, there is an election coming. Warmist profound ignorance of reality for some reason makes them highly electable – somehow gives them voter appeal. We absolutely cannot stand any more of these.

Much more ominous than any election, there is also the normal climate variation on earth which we face. We have made ourselves ignorant of it. The ignorance of man is another narrative.

I am considering moving all climate posts to Porcupinerim.

I want to thank every single viewer, commenter, warmist or not. The debate is the grandest narrative of all. Long may you, and we, debate.

See: Global Warming: the Collapse of a Grand Narrative


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