How Unusual Is The Current Minimum?

The current solar minimum is very unusual, at least in the history of our ability to observe solar magnetism closely. But evidence is clear to those who are concerned – similar events have had mortal significance far into the past.

Russ Steele “Dalton Minimum Returns” has been cautioning Americans about the dangers of periodic solar minima since 2006.

The story is here: Dalton Minimum Return Gaining Attention

The HOT area of science is no longer phoney, useless greenhouse models!

You can find the real science in detail here.

“Sun’s open magnetic flux is lower now than at any time during the space age.”

I think “far lower,” though, from the video, is appropriate.

Periodically, solar minima have resulted in human misery, hunger, and death. Those who forget history are truly doomed.

Dalton Minimum - most likely climate prediction


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