Moscow Record Snow

The 1966 snowfall record in Moscow is shattered.

Government can satisfy a narrow purpose; forecasting climate is explicitly not included. Providing health care and financing mortgages are other significant and perpetual government failures.

The bigger the government, the narrower the purpose potentially satisifed.

My prediction is next summer in Moscow will not be very warm. The year after next will be colder still. This is a better prediction than you can possibly get from all government, any government.

This is not true at all because you got if from me for nothing; compared to whatever you pay to government.

Useful climate predictions, healthcare, education, home mortgages, and energy resources are not obtained from government. Government cannot produce anything.

Record snow fall blankets Russian capital

Russians may have scoffed at what US President Barack Obama called “snowmageddon” earlier this month on his country”s east coast, but now Muscovites have been stunned by a snow fall that has broken their own 1966 record.

Four days of blizzards dumped 67 centimeters (26 inches) across the Russian capital by Tuesday, breaking the Feb record of 64 cm experienced at the height of the Cold War 44 years ago, and much more is expected this week, the Moscow weather bureau said.



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