Sea Level NOT Rising (2)

Excellent story here from the excellent site Ice Age Now

Another IPCC Scandal – Sea levels NOT rising

According to expert reviewer for the IPCC 

26 Feb 10 – Dr Nils-Axel Mörner, geologist, physicist, and one-time expert reviewer for the IPCC, announced this week that, contrary to IPCC claims, sea levels are not rising.

“Sea level is not changing in any way, ” said Dr Mörner in an hour-long interview with Kim Greenhouse of “It’s Rainmaking Time.”

Dr. Mörner, who received his PhD in geology in 1969, is one of the greatest – if not the greatest – experts on sea levels in the world today. He has worked with sea level problems for 40 years in areas scattered all over the globe

There is no change, says Mörner. There is absolutely no sea-level rise in Tuvalo, there is no change here, and there is zero sea-level rise in Bangladesh. If anything, sea levels have lowered in Bangladesh.

We do not need to fear sea-level rise, says Mörner. However, “we should have a fear of those people who fooled us.”

Listen to interview here:
Claim that sea level is rising is a total fraud
Also see an article that I posted a couple of years ago about Dr. Mörner:
Claim that sea level is rising is a total fraud

You can email Dr Mörner ( to purchase
a copy of his booklet ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told’


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  1. The influential National Academy of sciences recently (2009) published a paper by Vermeer and Rahmstorf that purported to show a simple equation linking global temperature and sea level rise.

    But this simple equation fails a very simple test.

    Best Regards

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