NASA New Goal: Covering Government’s Arse

Admittedly, NASA put men on the moon. There is no indication NASA is up to the Brobdingnagian task of covering government’s arse.

Nonetheless, NASA is all that stands to thwart discovery of government’s false science, AGW. US government has already declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant, in its august wisdom.

All the stops are out, to prevent escape of the truth, at NASA. Freedom of information is a government lie; same as openess and transparency (and AGW too).

NASA accused of ‘Climategate’ stalling

The man battling NASA for access to potential “Climategate” e-mails says the agency is still withholding documents and that NASA may be trying to stall long enough to avoid hurting an upcoming Senate debate on global warming.

Nearly three years after his first Freedom of Information Act request, Christopher C. Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said he will file a lawsuit Thursday to force NASA to turn over documents the agency has promised but has never delivered.

Mr. Horner said he expects the documents, primarily e-mails from scientists involved with NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), will be yet another blow to the science behind global warming, which has come under fire in recent months after e-mails from a leading British research unit indicated scientists had manipulated some data.

“What we’ve got is the third leg of the stool here, which is the U.S.-led, NASA-run effort to defend what proved to be indefensible, and that was a manufactured record of aberrant warming,” Mr. Horner said. “We assume that we will also see through these e-mails, as we’ve seen through others, organized efforts to subvert transparency laws like FOIA.”


Sea Ice Above 31 Year Average

At University of Illinois, scientists dispute world government propaganda with actual science. News media kowtows on. An honest scientist cannot win, pretty much. To be a little more fair, the data does come from NOAA, apparently. The lead story can be buried by anybody, though.

Global sea ice above 31 year average, did you know?

Watts Up With That? Where’s the ice for my drink?

The Cryosphere Today home page (below the fold).

To Understand Climate, One Must First Understand the Sun

We can’t predict the climate on Earth until we understand these changes on the sun.

Understanding the sun will be gravely difficult while climatologists have placed their heads securely in their asses; to gain government funding.

Solar Scientists: Man Not Likely to Play Dominant Role in Climate

Carbon Dioxide Feeds the World

This amazing study (below) addresses the effects of carbon dioxide “pollution” scientifically.

Other “studies,” typically funded by government, assert that increased carbon dioxide increases greenhouse warming. But, carbon dioxide has increased, and global temperature has not, over the last decade and more.

Nonetheless, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the US government now identifies carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

The lesson is clear: evidence is of no weight to government; government only knows what it wants, and does not know what its limits are.

What a striking contrast to free enterprise.

You may quote me.

H/T: The Astute Bloggers and Al Fin

Clearly, plants love CO2. Not only land plants, but sea sponges and photosynthetic plankton and sea bacteria throughout the oceans love CO2. Just a quick glance at the white chalk cliffs near Dover will tell you that sea life can make very good use of much higher concentrations of CO2 than humans have ever seen.