Carbon Dioxide Feeds the World

This amazing study (below) addresses the effects of carbon dioxide “pollution” scientifically.

Other “studies,” typically funded by government, assert that increased carbon dioxide increases greenhouse warming. But, carbon dioxide has increased, and global temperature has not, over the last decade and more.

Nonetheless, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the US government now identifies carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

The lesson is clear: evidence is of no weight to government; government only knows what it wants, and does not know what its limits are.

What a striking contrast to free enterprise.

You may quote me.

H/T: The Astute Bloggers and Al Fin

Clearly, plants love CO2. Not only land plants, but sea sponges and photosynthetic plankton and sea bacteria throughout the oceans love CO2. Just a quick glance at the white chalk cliffs near Dover will tell you that sea life can make very good use of much higher concentrations of CO2 than humans have ever seen.


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