All Warmists Are Not Sex Criminals

Nor are they scientists.

Groper Gore: Peace Prize Winner a Handsy “Sex Crazed Poodle”

Even Tipper can recognize a loser when she sleeps with one! “Scientists” though will bend over for Al Gore until he stops paying them.

I can save the planet

Character study: Saving the planet from global warming


Global Warming Eviscerated

Graham suddenly wakes up

Finally, Lindsey Graham regains consciousness!

[in edit – this could last a few days more!]


South Carolina Republican Graham told reporters that he would vote against the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill he helped author as a consequence of his reversal, meaning the package will fall short of the votes it needs to obtain passage, according to a Senate aide.

In an October 2009 New York Times op-ed co-authored with Sen. John Kerry, Graham argued, that “climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security.”

However, following the evisceration of trust in promoters of man-made global warming in the aftermath of the Climategate scandal, Graham has now sensationally reversed his position, stating, “The science about global warming has changed. I think they’ve oversold this stuff, quite frankly. I think they’ve been alarmist and the science is in question,” adding, “The whole movement has taken a giant step backward.”


Excellent news HERE: Carbon Tax Bill May Be Dead After Shock Graham Reversal On Climate Change

Predicting Cycle 24 Peak

Four short years ago, NASA was predicting a very strong cycle 24; with peak sunspot counts well above cycle 23.

NASA climate predictions from expensive computer models are far less accurate.

Cycle 23 peaked around 120 sunspots.  A  favored method from actual history of projecting peak sunspot count now yields numbers less than 40% of NASA’s studied predictions; when applied to cycle 24.

The conclusion is that government and science are mutually exclusive; and often a complete waste of time and money when combined.

How long will the new minimum last? Will cycle 24 be part of a new grand minimum? The implications of real solar behavior are ominous indeed; but your government does not care. It is busy planning the taxation of carbon dioxide emission; and pumping carbon dioxide down old mineshafts.

The full story on behavior of cycle 24 is here: That Solar Sinking Feeling 

The 13 month smoothed numbers, forecast values and implication for the magnitude of the cycle peak are as follows:

  • June 2009 had a forecast of 5.5, actual of 2.801, implied peak of 45.83
  • July 2009 had a forecast of 6.7, actual of 3.707, implied peak of 49.79
  • August 2009 had a forecast of 8.1, actual of 5.010, implied peak of 55.67
  • September 2009 had a forecast of 9.7, actual of 6.094, implied peak of 56.55
  • October 2009 had a forecast of 11.5, actual of 6.576, implied peak of 51.46
  • November 2009 had a forecast of 12.6, actual of 7.190, implied peak of 51.36
  • December 2009 had a forecast of 14.6, actual would require data from June.

Solar Cycle 24 now has accumulated 810 spotless days. 820, which would require only 10 more spotless days, would mean that Cycle 24 was one standard deviation above the mean excluding the Dalton and Maunder Grand Minima.

Obama Deforestation Plans Surging Forward

Impoverished SE Europeans turn to wood for heating

Obama’s plans to skyrocket energy prices are working, inside the United States, too.

“Energy independence,” as implemented by Obama, means Americans like Europeans will burn wood, or freeze. Our forests will not last long.

Maybe Obama’s crack border patrol can guard the forests.

Obviously, carbon dioxide will increase faster under Obama’s plan, particularly when the trees are all burned. He is a genius according to news media.