Backup Energy For PV, Turbines

July 9, 2010 - No wind, no energy

If you like energy from wind turbines, be prepared to pay twice (or 4 times, that’s fine with government; or whatever it takes for such sexy stuff) for the generation facilities.

Why? BECAUSE THE WIND IS UNRELIABLE, otherwise aircraft carriers would have sails, OK.

Here is Kansas’ 250MW, estimated $425 Million Smoky Hills “wind farm:” except the turbines are not moving, on July 9, 2010. They are motionless. They have often been motionless.

Good thing, government has DEEP POCKETS to backup such crucial “generation” facilities with rapid start conventional plants. Duh.

But nobody has deeper pockets than in Kansas. Right, jayhawkers?

Guess what else. The sun does not always shine, even in Kansas.


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