Greatest Fraud In History Grows

I recently heard that the first photovoltaic cell in history was demonstrated at Telefunken Park in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1960.

An efficient decision maker like government has suborned the scientific method yet again.

Photovoltaics are FINE ON SATELLITES; where they can be pointed towards the sun. They are also fine on phone booths in the desert; DURING THE DAY.

On EARTH, photovoltaics CANNOT be pointed at the sun, just when you need electricity the most.

Photovoltaics have been around a hundred years and more; the only motivation for installing them is government fundiing. Also, government funding is a significant reason to lie about the history of photovoltaics – if you wish to sell them.

In 1918, a Polish scientist Jan Czochralski discovered a method for monocrystalline silicon production, which enabled monocrystalline solar cells production. The first silicon monocrystalline solar cell was constructed in 1941.

The photovoltaic effect in other materials

In 1932, the photovoltaic effect in cadmium-selenide was observed. Nowadays, CdS belongs among important materials for solar cells production.

1950 – 1969: Intensive space research

Intensive laboratory researches

In 1951, the first germanium solar cells have been made. Dr. Dan Trivich of Wayne State University has made some theoretical calculation on solar cell efficiency with different materials, and on solar spectrum wavelengths in 1953. In 1954, the RCA Laboratories published a report on CdS photovoltaic effect. AT&T organized several demonstrations on solar cells functioning the same year. The Bell’s Laboratories published the results of the solar cells operation with 4.5 % efficiency. The efficiency was increased to 6 % within a few months.

The first satellites and solar powered cars

In 1955, the preparation on satellite energy supply by solar cells began. Western Electric put for sale commercial licenses for solar cells production. Hoffman Electronics-Semiconductor Division introduced a commercial photovoltaic product with 2 % efficiency for US$ 25 per cell with 14 mW peak power. The energy cost was US$ 1,785 per W. In 1957, Hoffman Electronics introduced a solar cell with 8 % efficiency. A year later, in 1958, the same company introduced a solar cell with 9 % efficiency. The first radiation proof silicon solar cell was produced for the purposes of space technology the same year. On 17th March, the first satellite powered by solar cells, Vanguard I, was launched. The system ran continuously for 8 years. Two other satellites, Explorer III and Vanguard II, were launched by Americans, and Sputnik III by Russians. The first telephone repeater powered by solar cells was built In Americus, Georgia. In 1959, Hoffman Electronics introduced commercially available solar cells with 10 % efficiency. Americans launched the satellites Explorer VI with photovoltaic field of 9,600 cells and Explorer VII. In 1960, Hoffman Electronics introduced yet another solar cell with 14 % efficiency. The first sun-powered automobile was demonstrated in Chicago, Illinois on August 31st, 1955.