In Conclusion

In conclusion of this matter, Henrik Svensmark is 100% right; Gore, Hansen, Pachauri, and the entire US Government are 100% wrong.

Like North Korea’s government, our US version will be GREAT at running health care, too.

Svensmark Is 100% Correct - Gore, Hansen, and Pachauri 100% Wrong

Something to be thankful for! At last: Cosmic rays linked to rapid mid-latitude cloud changes



This work has demonstrated the presence of a small but statistically significant influence of GCRs on Earth’s atmosphere over mid-latitude regions. This effect is present in
both ISCCP satellite data and NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data for at least the last 20 years suggesting that small fluctuations in solar activity may be linked to changes in the Earth’s atmosphere via a relationship between the GCR flux and cloud cover; such a connection may amplify small changes in solar activity. In addition, a GCR – cloud relationship may also act in conjunction with other likely solar – terrestrial relationships concerning variations in solar UV (Haigh, 1996) and total solar irradiance (Meehl et al., 2009). The climatic forcings resulting from such solar – terrestrial links may have had a significant impact on climate prior to the onset of anthropogenic warming, accounting for the presence of solar cycle relationships detectable in palaeoclimatic records (e.g.,Bond et al., 2001; Neff et al., 2001; Mauas et al., 2008).


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