Climate Scientists Petition Ban On Dihydrogen Monoxide

More dangerous by far than anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the highly lethal dihydrogen monoxide.

Our climate scientists are fully occupied selflessly applying their genius to save the world. What stalwarts.

Hilarious!… Green Activists Fall For the Old “Dihydrogen Monoxide” Petition Prank at Cancun Global Warming Summit (Video)


5 Responses

  1. Greenpeace all!
    Thank you God for inspiring us!
    May God guide us on the STRAIGHT PATH and bestow peace upon our prophets and our ancestors.

    Please be advised that the following comments, opinions, hopes and wishes are my own although I hope that they represent that of Malaysian Government and Malaysians in general and of many other people around the World.

    Yes it is hilarious, I was wondering, if H is 1+ and O is 2- then surely dihidrogen oxide is H2O! How can water be LETHAL? Our Sufi texts tell us that water can cut steel, but that in the end, WATER will SAVE THE WORLD.

    Hope we can find green peace means for WATER. I have set up a friends group The Water Savers 101110 Save the World Team and I would welcome advice on how to get it going, perhaps as a cause.

    However, I must admit that Administration and Accounts are not my favourite chores. It has something to do with wanting to take a break from WORK!

    Facebook and Google will probably find me first! Wonder whether they would consider, and when we would Yahoo! I get the feeling it would be on 1/1/11…

    But I owe a formal public apology to President Obama first, and I hope to post it after 14/12/10, I have several project submissions to complete before then, I have probably let people down already by being preoccupied with fixing my mistakes on the web, and I fervently apologise to them as well (sorry Arifin and Aftaas partners, the client and the Royal, Federal and State stakeholders that were relying on me, I know that ultimately the proceeds are going to good causes, i.e. Royal and State projects that are not included in the Federal Development Budget).

    I trust that everyone is working hard to be able to go on leave for school holidays, Christmas and New Year, and wish everyone well for the holidays and festivities. I apologise to them all if I have caused them any alarm or concern, I would rather be looked upon as a cyber peace-maker than a cyber terrorist.

    Due to the urgency to STOP further propagation of “Obama-Mess” which I believe IS NOT TRUE, please find a short apology which I hope is adequate for now:

    President Obama, I am SORRY that I suggested that you didn’t have your boys in line, and I’m SORRY I suggested that YOU were the one who apologised for certain disclosures in Wikileaks, I have since read that it was US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who apologised, I am correcting my perception here, and I am SORRY for not ascertaining the full facts prior to commenting. However, I also believe that this was meant to be, and that this demonstrates the process of revelation for EVERYONE.

    I hope that you have read my earlier suggestions to Chillguy33, which were for your kind consideration.

    I sincerely hope that you would forgive me and, just in case anyone hasn’t asked, would you please kindly reconsider your suggestion of strategic alliance with Seoul and Tokyo against North Korea.

    One of the signs of the end in our books is that Mekah would become green. It is my fervent wish that, should King Abdullah be pleased to invite the World, that there could be a Global Strategic Alliance for Green Peace in Mekah on 1/1/11.

    I hope King Abdullah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would forgive me for marketing them without their consent, as my reading is that the Global Strategic Alliance should be near the Sacred Mosque.

    I happen to believe that the late Saddam Hussein’s actions against the Kurds and King Abdullah’s alleged request, if true, were possibly what they thought was the best and fastest course of action (STRAIGHT PATH) to avert prophecy.

    I believe that all kinds of strife could be avoided if the whole world UNITED and WORKED TOGETHER to come to a common understanding and acceptance of what we should do to REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING.

    Perhaps we could come up with a GLOBAL GREEN PEACE MASTER PLAN and AVERT ALL POTENTIAL NEGATIVE OUTCOMES OF PROPHECIES from whichever tribe, race, religion, creed or doctrine.

    I have worked independently for years and it did not get me far. I have seen people work in NEGATIVE ways and it did not get them far either, and if it did, it was only SHORT TERM. It is a shame if those who worked by LISTENING TO THEIR CONSCIENCE get so left out and fall so low that instead of beating them, they have to join them.

    I have complete BELIEF, TRUST and FAITH in God that all shall turn out for the best in accordance with God’s Master Plan, at God’s pleasure.

    If we all STROVE to live in Green Peace on Earth, I believe that if we all BELIEVED, TRUSTED and had FAITH in God that it would be so, it would be – at God’s pleasure, of course.

    Some Sufis believe that God loves beauty and music – please refer to the notes written by Ustadz Ana Fakir for the album Metafizika by Blues Gang. If later uploaded, I hope that there could be pay-per-use download so that all artistes in the world would receive royalties for their work. We have an Islamic Payment System …

    I also apologise to Greenpeace for borrowing their name and that of their ships Rainbow Warrior, and I hope they would also forgive me for marketing them without their consent. This was how I was inspired to write.

    I also hope that they would not mind us administering the facebook account Rainbow Warrior, I would be pleased to surrender the password to Greenpeace if they prefer to administer it themselves. I also hope facebook would help me transfer the Sea2sea International and TWS101110SWT groups to Rainbow Warrior account depending on which groups and causes (there is a Water cause already) Greenpeace would accept. I would love to work with Greenpeace to raise funds for the team and to request for funds from the Humanitarian Fund to carry out the Global Green Peace Master Plan study, and I hope that Sea2sea International would be able to advise.

    I also hope that Wikipedia would become a Global on-line university and that content there would be responsibly updated. I also hope that it could be listed on a Global Green Peace Stock Exchange of which I hope would be in Kuala Lumpur. I also wish that the World would consider seeking environmental solutions in Malaysia, God has bestowed upon us ethnic diversity and biodiversity and I have FIRM BELIEF, TRUST AND FAITH that we can work together.

    I also hope that any strife due to anyone previously working independently would be forgiven by the world as I believe it was meant to be according to God’s Master Plan.

    Perhaps God was just waiting for us to come back to God by being sorry for our mistakes and thinking POSITIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY on how to make amends and TO NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

    Please, all, as I REALLY have a lot of work to do, all the projects that were on hold in Malaysia seem to be speeding up, the National Front is attracting investments to Opposition states, GLCs and PLCs that were alleged to be owned by former ministers are giving toll rebates and working out ways to give BACK to the people, so I REALLY HOPE the World would be ALLIED in THE NEW YEAR so that MY CONSCIENCE will let me GET BACK TO WORK, and NOT LET ANYONE DOWN! Please, World?

    I thank God and God’s agents for the ideas, inspirations, insights and training. Should I have used inappropriate language or hurt anyone’s feelings, it was unintended and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Salaam (greenpeace) from Rainbow Warrior (formerly of Che Det’s blog)

  2. Greenpeace Google and facebook I hope that you would headline the post PUBLIC APOLOGY TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, thank you.

  3. Please World, drop the Obama-mess tag, as the Hopi Prophecies say that THE GREAT WHITE ONE that would SAVE AMERICA has black hair – could it be President Obama?

    Greenpeace from the Rainbow Warrior of Che Det’s blog

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