Result of Increasing Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere

Scientists, mostly funded and thus directed by various and sundry (and I use this term lightly) governments, determined that 1) global temperatures were rising 2) the rise in temperature was caused by the greenhouse effect aided for the first time by anthropogenic carbon dioxide 3) the Earth is doomed to rapidly increasing temperatures with all possible future rates of anthropogenic carbon dioxide addition taken into account.

The result of increasing carbon dioxide in atmosphere is far beyond the ability of science to observe today. It is nothing. Few omnipotent big-government scientists will admit this. It is possible that even scientists can learn, though unlikely when government funds them.

This cold wave is caused by something else, and may be the harbinger of harsh reality virtually UNIMAGINED* IN SCIENCE, at least government funded science, even though it is merely the repitition of well-known history.

Large to vast numbers of human deaths could occur within the next 30 – 100 years due to intense cold and its effect on growing seasons. Government, and the vast cadre of scientists it has suborned, are helpless.

The result of increasing carbon dioxide in atmosphere is nothing of practical significance today and far into the future.

(*By “unimagined” here, I actually intend “criminally denied,” but it would destroy the flow of the brief post. I permitted myself an obscure joke at the expense of “government science.” Perhaps we will elucidate in a new post).
Story here: Coldest day ever recorded in Ireland
December 25, 2010

Coldest Day Ever Recorded in Ireland

Jack Cashill

// //
On Tuesday this week, the high temperature in Ballyhaise, County Cavan, clocked in at 16 degrees Fahrenheit. As Head forecaster Gerald Fleming told the Irish Times, “That’s the lowest daily maximum ever recorded in Ireland, which makes it the coldest day ever recorded in Ireland.”

This new low did not shock the Irish. They have been getting used to sub-freezing temperatures. This is the coldest December on record in Ireland and throughout much of Northern Europe. It is likely the snowiest as well. The weather has thoroughly disrupted European travel and is starting to damage the economy.
Not all winters are like this. I saw no snow the year I lived in Ireland in the early 1990s, and in the early 1980s, during the winter I spent in France-Nancy to be precise-the temperature never dropped below freezing, even at night.
For old time’s sake, I have been tracking the weather reports out of Europe. Yet in all that I have read in the mainstream European press, I have seen no attempt to reconcile the present cold with the promised heat, not even to chalk the flagrant disparity up to “climate change.” It is as if the reader is not supposed to notice.
But many do. The blogs and editorial letters boil over with outrage. Writes one not atypical letter writer in the UK, “Snowfall, ice, Arctic-level cold and all the rest have caused major disruption to the UK infrastructure in the last few weeks, not least because our gilded civil servants have been looking in the wrong direction. And they still are. . . . The country is grinding to a halt NOW, and they are still prattling about global warming in the period 2030 to 2100? These people are truly off their trolleys. They are seriously mentally ill.”
The Europeans are learning what we have always known, as Michael Savage might put it, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

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  1. Greenpeace. Any possibility of the tilt theory? Perhaps that could explain colder tropics and hotter equator … Gutsy Sailor’s laughing cynically … wish someone would send him to the pyramids of Giza with a sextant to check! Hard to starboard …

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