Prepare For Global Cooling

Prepare for global COOLING; and whatever Al Gore says, believe exactly the opposite.

Piers Corbyn’s predictions are quite good. So far, Al Gore has never been right, one time (except when he initiated the internet).

Ice ages follow Gore around like puppy dogs. Gore’s “karma” is world disaster, like AIDS, malaria, or world poverty and starvation.

Al Gore will be reincarnated, 60 years before the next ice age.

Unfortunately, smooth operator(?) Gore has disabled a large share of world scientists. When will our scientists resume being useful, in general?

Well, a few are useful:


3 Responses

  1. […] Islam.Frugal Cafe Blogger exposes that latest Tax snafu. Global Warming: A Worn out Hoax, has the prep for global cooling. The Independent Bloghorn discusses that the wind-farms are killing birds.Fuzzy makes a stand on the […]

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  3. If you google up “NOAA Confirms Recent Global Temperature Change is Historically Small & Warming Is Declerating”, their chart depicts Annual Global Temp changes from 1880-2010 vs increasing levels of CO2.
    What is obvious is the impact of CO2 is nil, nada, niminitz, nothing. Just normal variability in temperature changes. No real upward trend following the CO2 levels. Check out the other two graphs too. Anyone claiming unprecedented global warming has to be reading from the Scientific Book of Stupidity.

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