Enough Sea Level Hysteria

Stop with the incessant sea level hysteria, Al Gore. It is apparent now that global warming and rising sea levels are the least of our worries. Carbon dioxide goes up, but sea level has stopped going up; and may well be going down, along with ocean temperatures as measured secretly by the Argo buoys. Jim Hansen and Al Gore, how about some non-fiction computer models? What ever happened to Truth in Climate?

UC-Boulder Sea Level Trend

(A millimeter, mm, is .0394 inches).

Read more at UC-Boulder Sea Level Change or Global Cooling Real.

From Andrew Bolt, H/T Tom Nelson

If these data can be validated and they confirm what appears to be cooling oceans as measured by the 3000+ floating and diving sensors of Argo, then warming is the least of our worries.

Should observes CO2 levels start to decline over the next year or so, then that would correspond to overall cooling of oceans, as the solubility of CO2 in the oceans increases as the water gets colder. A “minor” dip in average, near-surface ocean temperature would negate all man-made CO2 release.

The decline in ocean temperature is most likely to be caused by a reduction in heating by the sun; by direct decline in the sun’s intensity; by an increase in low cloud cover, or a combination of both.

A prolonged cooling will only be a problem if we are denied access to affordable and abundant energy. That’s a certainty.

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Thu 26 Jun 08 (12:53am)