Al Gore Mental Twin Sells More Stuff

For your abundant extra cash, Turbo Encabulators make even more hard sense than carbon credits.


Hansen Syndrome Worsens

The Hansen Syndrome, which causes scientists to predict and/or report radically incorrect climate information, is indeed worsening.

Deviation, resulting from The Hansen Syndrome, now exceeds an order of magnitude.

Please give generously to aid in finding a cure for this horrible mental affliction.

Or, Bush could fire Hansen.


No Warming Since 1995

H/T: Gore Lied

Washington Times to Al Gore: Show Us the Global Warming

But there isn’t any, although carbon dioxide in atmosphere has gone up just fine.

What is the connection between carbon dioxide, and global temperatures? You said it was the greenhouse effect; but obviously it is not. What is the mechanism, Al Gore, between anthropogenic carbon dioxide (not the kind that comes from the ocean) and any climate phenomenon? Ok, how about the kind that comes from the ocean? You do not have either one. All you have is a burning desire to make energy inaccessible to Americans. You even oppose nuclear energy.

NASA Acknowledges Al Gore Minimum

With solar wind at a 50 year low, NASA is now suddenly and seriously concerned about solar somnolence.

Carbon dioxide is nowhere to be found, Al.

The $trillions you want to extort for carbon dioxide mitigation may not accrue to you.

The prospects of the Al Gore Minimum should prove less than lucrative for you and your ilk, Al.

Even NASA is cutting you off.

Sell the stupid boat, while you can.

As Sun sleeps, let the lawsuits begin. What is your address there in Tennessee?

> The Al Gore Terminator

Get Your Vast Profits From AGW, Today!

Pays Back Its Own Energy in 200 Years!

Pays Back Its Own Energy in 200 Years!

The vast profits from AGW are rolling in.

How long do you think it takes to save the energy required to make a photovoltaic converter? You’re trying to save energy, right?

Luboš Motl at The Reference Frame has the story – RICS: Solar panels pay back in 100 Years (almost).

More precisely, it is actually 200+ years: the panel costs up to USD 10,000 and saves USD 50 per year. For example, you will need about fourty 10-Watt panels that cost about USD 250 each to get somewhere. Wind energy scored comparably badly while the insulation was the winner.

The story of the AGW photovoltaic rip-off is here.

The capital we are investing to save the Earth should be spent on nuclear energy, instead; if we were really interested in saving the Earth.

PS: The PV cells should last a good 30 years.

[In edit: The manufacture of photovoltaic converters is extremely energy intensive; if the PV cell can only repay 1/6 of its purchase price in its useful life, the distinction between energy payback and capital payback becomes immaterial; both are negative]

Added, September 7, 2008

From Belfast Telegraph

100 years to recoup cost of solar panel installation

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Solar panels are one of the least cost-effective ways of combating climate change and will take 100 years to pay back their installation costs, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has warned.

In a new guide on energy efficiency, Rics said that roof panels for heating water and generating power are unlikely to save enough from bills to make them financially viable in a householder’s lifetime. In the case of solar panels to heat water for baths and showers, the institution estimates the payback time from money saved from electricity and gas bills will take more than 100 years – and up to 166 years in the worst case.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels for power – and domestic, mast-mounted wind turbines – will take between 50 and 100 years to pay back.

Given that the devices have a maximum lifetime of 30 years, they are never likely to recoup the £3,000 to £20,000 cost of their installation, according to Rics’ building cost information service. Instead, it suggested people wanting to cut fuel bills should insulate lofts and cavity walls, install efficient light bulbs and seal windows.

Don’t Drill the Oil; Poison Yourselves With It

Klockarman, over at Gore Lied, has this excellent story.

Natural oil seeps are polluting the Santa Barbara channel at “an astonishing rate.”

If we drilled the oil, it for sure would not end up toxifying the California coast.

Californians, or you, don’t need the oil, though, so we just let it seep; and blame “big oil” and a 1969 oil spill for the mess. Californians swim in the stuff, rather than drill it!

Remember, Al Gore and Obama say: energy is bad for you! Get used to it.

“The amount of oil seeping from the ocean floor since 1970 equals more than 31 times the amount of oil spilled in 1969,” he said.Over a 10-day period in 1969, an estimated 3 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the channel and onto the beaches of Santa Barbara County.

Fuel Of Choice

During Colorado’s record-breaking cold of the last few days, I was able to find a few faggots of wood left in the pile, and keep the house warm.

I could have burned natural gas; but the price has been set too high, by Al Gore.

America is progressing back to wood-burning culture, and it’s not even really cold yet.

The snow-leopard’s terrain (Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard”), treeless, is about to expand.

Good work, students of the environment.