Clouds, Climate, and Cosmic Rays

All regulated by ‘one’ phenomenon – changing magnetic fields resulting from solar activity. Not carbon dioxide.

Don’t miss any of this 5-part series by Henrik Svensmark, author of The Chilling Stars.

Turned up here first: Gore Lied Five-part video series: Henrik Svensmark discusses his pioneering research on cosmic rays, cloud formation and global warming


Earth Climate Update – Brrrr!

Speechless in Dubai

Speechless in Dubai

It is understandable that Emirate citizens lack a word for snow. After all, the vast majority of them have never seen it. On Thursday, they saw and touched 4 to 8 inches of it, most for the first time.

Useful information from NOAA and NASA and other no-expense-can-be-spared government science projects, regarding the climate of Earth, is presently not available. To assess Earth’s climate for the forseeable future, anecdotal information only can be trusted. Since the climate of Earth has turned cold, there is no shortage of anecdotal information. Ice Age Now!

On the other hand, we do have some useful scientific data on the Sun’s climate (although solar climate anecdote is scarce). Could the onslaught of Earthly anecdotal information, which comes because people are COLD, be related?

Unusual solar conditions (not anectodal)

Unusual solar conditions (not anectodal)

Quick, Make It Colder!

It is urgent and morally imperative that you now do everything possible to make Earth colder!

signed: Al Gore (genius) and the United Nations

Twelve dead as winter weather freezes Europe

A BLAST of frigid weather has claimed up to a dozen lives in Europe as temperatures tumbled below freezing overnight in what weather officials today dubbed the coldest night of winter. Polish police said the latest victims who froze to death yesterday included a 68-year-old homeless man found in an abandoned house in the southeast town of Jozefow, and a 51-year-old man who lived alone in central Eligiow and died a few steps away from his home.

Five other deaths across Europe have also been blamed on the harsh blast of wintry weather, including that of a man in Milan who died when a canopy collapsed on him under the weight of snowfall.

Temperatures in Poland dropped as low as -25deg Celsius.

According to Interior Ministry data, hypothermia has been blamed for 76 deaths in Poland since November 2008.

Snowfalls disrupted air traffic across Europe, shutting down airports in Italy for several hours and paralysing TGV high-speed trains in France.

Milan’s two airports Malpensa and Linate, as well as the airports in Turin and Bergamo, were closed all morning after snow reached up to 30cm.

The French weather service called it “the coldest night of winter” so far with temperatures ranging for minus nine degress in Paris – the coldest since 1997 – and minus 20 degrees in the northern Ardennes region.

The rare sight of snow was seen in the southern Mediterranean port of Marseille, closing the local airport and leaving some 12,000 households in the region without electricity.

Demand for power for heating has soared and raised the risk of power cuts, especially in Brittany and the southeast.

Heavy snow has forced the closing of the mountainous French-Italian border since last night.

In Germany, where earlier this week a 77-year-old mentally ill woman froze to death, temperatures plummeted overnight with many areas recording record lows.

The coldest place was Dippoldiswalde-Reinberg near Dresden in the east where the mercury plunged to -27.7deg.

“Temperatures like this suggest that in certain places in the region the lowpoint must have been under the minus 30 mark,” the German weather office said in a statement.

The freezing weather is expected to last through the week due to a stable mass of cold air coming from Scandanavia and Siberia, the French weather service said.

H/T: Greenie Watch

Socialist Energy Czar

Update, Jan. 13, 2004: Obama’s Radical Climate Czar Scrubbed From Socialist Websites

Development of energy resources for the United States, and socialism – what do these have in common?

Beginning January 19, they have a great deal in common.

In the august vision of Barack Obama, the best and the brightest Secretary of Energy is socialist Carol M. Browner, Clinton EPA administrator from 1993 to 2001.

From Browner’s Socialist International, of which she is a commissioner:

The idea of Socialism has caught the imagination of people across the world, promoted successful political movements, decisively improved the lives of working men and women, and contributed to shaping the 20th century.

Socialism decisively improved their lives; not hard work, not personal responsibility. Not new technology, not innovation, not human intelligence, not formation of capital, and not even vast improvements in infrastructure – it was the easy fix “socialism.”

That part of the 20th century most influenced by socialism was not even as happy as present day Venezuela, anyway. Maybe socialism in general went better than Cuba? Such a conclusion would require careful study.

The “principles” of Browner’s socialist organization have little to say about energy development, except:

We advocate joint international efforts to replace all environmentally damaging products and processes by alternatives which enhance nature.

which is enough.

The energy development czar of the United States, is the queen of the EPA, and a socialist!

If you need more energy for some reason (say, global warming operates in reverse) over the next 2 to 20 years, your energy czar does not see it your way; nor does your President (elect).

Drill, baby drill? Say, aren’t energy resources part of “infrastructure?” Maybe not the favorite part. Energy will be less expensive in Red China; maybe Obama is right, American business should all go there since Red Chinese ENERGY infrastructure is superior!

Let socialism “decisively improve” the condition of the American worker; as it has done in Detroit. American business, on leave from Obama, will take Obama’s advice, and go to Red China, where there is energy infrastructure – because the socialists there have learned from history and hard experience, and at least they are pragmatic socialists.

H/T: ICECAP NASA’s Hansen to Obama: Use Global Warming to Redistribute Wealth

Earthshine Draft Report – Albedo

Now here is a far more interesting trend than Mauna Loa or any other carbon dioxide atmospheric content! It seems some scientists have detected a reduction in the net sunlight reaching Earth. Instead of adjusting the greenhouse multiplier for carbon dioxide in his model, maybe Al Gore should adjust albedo. There is real data behind it! But what for; Al Gore can sell the model no matter how far it deviates from reality. Maybe the greater the error, the better it sells anyway. (Spell albedo, Al; and you can look).

Palle et al: Earthshine Trends 1999-2007
In this paper, we have demonstrated that the agreement between earthshine and CERES reflectances have shown a dramatic improvement after CERES data were re-calibrated and earthshine data were re-analyzed. In the common period, earthshine, CERES along with ISCCP-FD data show a trendless albedo. However, preceding CERES, earthshine and ISCCP-FD reflectances show a significant increase before flattening and holding the increase. This implies a reduction in the net sunlight reaching Earth.

Albedo trending up

Albedo trending up

Figure 3. Earthshine changes in albedo shown in blue, ISCCP-FD shown in black and CERES in red. A climatologically significant change before CERES followed by a long period of insignificant change.

Project Earthshine

Update, also from the report: “However, a long-term, global albedo database does not exist.” I guess such a database would not be helpful in selling carbon credits. It could however be helpful in understanding Earth’s climate; another good reason not to have one.

H/T: Curious Anomalies in Climate Science (below the fold)

What could be the mechanism for such a change? Read The Chilling Stars by Svensmark and Calder for thorough elucidation.

Reality Stranger Than Fiction

Al Gore says carbon dioxide-induced greenhouse warming causes all bad weather; tropical snow included. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions will not slow down the next ice age. These come without asking about carbon dioxide, courtesy of solar magnetic cycles, if history is any indication. Another Little Ice Age may be coming; we don’t know, because instead of researching their causes, we have been studying how to “sequester” carbon dioxide in old mines, at the behest of Al Gore and Company. Reality could be as bad as the picture below; in your children’s lifetime, or sooner.

The one thing I can think of that is more ill-advised than ignoring history, is ignoring the present; with Al Gore and his greenhouse models you get both. Gore’s predictions have been wildly incorrect; but the present climate, temperature, and weather, which show that Earth and oceans are cooling, is ignored in favor of the non-predictive computer model!

The hazards a new Little Ice Age holds in store for humanity are indeed great. Temperatures warmer than the present by 7 degrees Farenheit, as occurred during the medieval warm period, on the contrary, brought a golden age of vigorous cultural growth to humanity. The next Little Ice Age will cause widespread starvation and disease, as did the last one, but on a scale proportionate to the increased population, possibly worse.

Ask your congressperson why Al Gore’s computer models have never worked. Ask for the real data validating the models. There isn’t any.

greenhouse warming product

greenhouse warming product

H/T: Moonbattery

Dalton Minimum (at least) LOCKED

Be sure to purchase your carbon credits. They are going to come in handy, or much better. Bid them through the roof. They may save your life.

When Earth is REALLY COLD, you will need carbon credits to purchase energy, since we have added no nuclear sources, due to the abnormal, high intelligence of Barack Obama and colleague greens.

And Earth is going to get REALLY COLD. So cold that growing season will be significantly shortened.

(Have scientists been doing much research on cold weather crops? Maybe more on carbon sequestration, you think? Where is the socialist government money put down?)

How are you going to get heating oil? Cuba and China are slant-drilling everything under Florida. (You know how careful and environmental sensitive those socialist governments are (melamine); spills are far less likely than if greedy capitalists were drilling). How are you going to get power from coal-fired plants that weren’t ever built, due to the horrible threat of global warming (the ultimate, most exquisite irony ever realized in human history).

How are you going to get food? Transportation will be limited, and extremely expensive, for whatever crops can be grown in two weeks to a month shorter summer. Depending on the location (latitude), growing season is a significant consideration.

You have too much food, you have too much energy, anyway. You deserve a good 20 to 50 year cold spell; maybe you will lose some weight. If you are already underweight, good luck. Why are you not donating carbon credits to Africa? China?

I hate to be an alarmist – or should I say I hate to be a historian. (Some alarmists consider history; others do not).

Cycle Not

Cycle Not

Surviving the junk, subprime mortgage debacle designed by American socialists (who forced bankers to write preposterously, ridiculously bad nothing down, no credit check, no income check mortgages under penalty of law and tireless harrassment) may turn out worse than you expected. Your socialist government has now palpably screwed both energy and finance; what can they screw next? Have you been hoping they are screwed out? (hint: no).

The GOOD NEWS: A Maunder Event is not yet assured; but stay tuned. (Check your history).

The REALLY GOOD NEWS: You can do something about it, in the next 18 days.

Here’s the story: Errors in IPCC climate science David Archibald’s elegant illustration of how late and weak solar cycle 24 is proving