New Ice Age On Its Way

Jim Hansen’s comprehensive computer models indisputably revealed that Cycle 24 would start up in March; then May. As of June 25, no Cycle 24.

Jim Hansen does not have a clue about when Cycle 24 will start, because he has been utterly absorbed in extorting carbon ransom from successful (capitalist) economies. Other responsible scientists, by the thousands have deplored the distortion, lies, and pathetically bad science. Still, your tax dollars exclusively feed global warming hysteria, Al Gore and Jim Hansen’s personal gold mine.

Relevant to food, our supply of the same is utterly dependent on the generous growing seasons of the recent warm period. We have no margin in food productivity for icy exigency, as this latest spring growing season demonstrated.

Which Solar cycle is it, that will mark another Solar shut-down as occurred in 1650, and numerous, perhaps uncountable, occasions before? Is it Cycle 24? Sunspot-free days are only one of many poorly understood and criminally under-researched characteristics of our only source of warmth, the Sun.

The Solar shut-down of 1650, called the Maunder Minimum, drastically abbreviated crop growing seasons and resulted in large-scale human suffering and death.

A New Ice Age is absolutely on its way, as Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and affiliated parasites line their pockets and divert scientific effort from its legitimate purpose; the grain riots have already started. Could it be the reluctant Cycle 24?

H/T: Cycle 24; see Trend Charts

Cycle 24 AWOL