YES, We Can!

We can drill our way out of this. We got into this by not drilling. If we keep not drilling, we will get only further into it.

If we are NOT DRILLING more oil when Iran attacks Israel as it promises to do, we will have less oil than if we are drilling more oil. Is this clear? In point of fact, we will always have more oil if we drill for it than if we don’t, ALWAYS. No matter what the premise. No matter what happens in the Middle-east, or Nigeria, or Venezuela, or Mexico. If you want a helpless, defenseless, moribund America, make us more dependent on foreign oil and foreign powers by not drilling; you are already having a smashing success.

“We can’t drill our way out of this” is practically an oxymoron (upon prolonged reconsideration, it is absolutely an oxymoron). There is every way in which drilling can get us out of this; and there is no way in which drilling more oil cannot get us out of it, because “it” is having less oil.

Speculators will sell oil rapidly when they are convinced we will drill. Same for gasoline.

Stop forcing speculators to buy oil by assuring them we will not drill! If you don’t like speculators bidding up oil, you have only to convince them we will drill for it. They will sell it by the gigaton. They will run away from it like the plague.

Yes we can drill our way out of this. If we can do anything at all, we can drill our way out of this.

Or maybe you prefer Americans do without energy? Without Energy Life Is Brutal and Short. You think America should revert (progress) back to the village? Is that what you mean when you say “Yes, we can revert back to the village?”

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less