Settled Mystery, Science of Lies

Scientists have noted that the heat disastrously and fatally introduced by “settled science” greenhouse warming has gone missing, like their datasets and their email. (“Scientist” Kevin E. Trenbarth states here “The heat will come back to haunt us sooner or later.” Don’t bet on it, moron)

How curious they don’t notice the vast, massive and explosive growth of Arctic sea ice.

Scientists like climategate adept Trenbarth should not fail to consider that perhaps the greenhouse warming they have predicted is actually feeding the massive Arctic sea ice explosion. Or for a more physically satisfying explanation see
The Laws of Physics Ably Defeat the Global Warming Theory

(H/T: ICECAP; and see also Induced Emission and Heat Stored by Air, Water and Dry Clay Soil

If they can find their missing email at the North Pole, that should clench it for them. Arctic sea ice is consuming their datasets, their email, their settled science, and their missing BTU, they could easily conclude. For the first time, they would be right, in a very real sense.

Arctic sea ice based upon the most recent measurement is growing at 2% a year.

Perhaps the climate scientists, like Trenbarth, should go North and stay there until they figure it out. However heed this: we will not rescue you morons from your “fact-finding” missions into the dangerous northern ice pack any longer. The energy to rescue you costs a lot more than you are worth, thanks to your own prophetic (read “pathetic”) work.

Arctic sea ice explosion continues

Details here: SBVOR Record Levels of Arctic Sea Ice