Indisputable Hoax

It’s all over folks. Almost before it started.

How long until Al Gore and MSM admit it?


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  1. Can we get the Nobel Prize Returned and given to some one worthy of such an accolade OR is the Nobel relegated to the junk heap of Politics over principles?

  2. There seems to be a new “Inconvenient Truth” for the Nobel Prize winner Al Gore. Too bad the award ceremony has already taken place. Too late to hide your face now. I can’t wait to see what the media will go to next. Hopefully not another scientific embaressment.

  3. One more comment… uninformed people keep confusing WEATHER with CLIMATE. One year of cold weather does not mean that climate change is not going on. Typical of how small minded, localized some are in their thinking, instead of looking “globally’.
    The earth has to balance its heat somehow so that there will portions of planet earth that are warmer than normal at this time.

    • Larry,
      Th Earth has been warming and cooling long before vehicle tailpipes existed. The fact that Gore selected the year 1900 as the starting point for his drastic graph of death just shows that he is selling us up Obama’s river. Anytime you start at a low point to display the disaster of increase, it looks bad. It is now illegal to exhale in Obamamerica. CO2 is now a poisonous gas…

      Read a little, stop watching Jeffrey Immelt’s, Obama supporting TV news agency, and read. Check out how much Immelt stands to make from the results of change to STOP Global “Warming”; he is sitting in a cash seat that your tax dollars will fill. Start here: it’s a video (1 of 4) that the individual took time to sit down, research, review and report on his findings (Australia of all places). You will find this result in many places.

      The only reason Global Whining is happening is because the US Gov’t needs more money, and there is no other reason… Check Gore’s fat wallet. It took him 30 years of kicking and screaming; now he’s got more money than Obama himself who has your money and mine. This is purely about how to swindle people out of their freedom and money….

      Good luck on your pursuit of the truth.

  4. Larry,

    Climate changes all the time.
    It would really be something to worry about if it stopped changing.
    Fact is: we have not seen any additional warming since1998, CO2 levels increased to 385ppm.
    We will now see cooling until at least 2015.
    There is nothing happening that the world has not seen before.
    Indeed, the greatest Hoax ever pushed on the tax payers of the world.
    Gore and his ilk will never admit that they were
    selling us snake oil to enrich themselves and keep the funding stream moving full speed ahead.
    Read Dr.Patrick Michaels book “Melt-Down” and it will all become very clear.
    This was published in 2005, even before Gore’s movie came out, so Dr.Michaels did not even have to spill
    any ink to deal with that sci-fi slide show and it’s
    numerous falsehoods and exaggerations.
    Don’t worry, you can sleep worry free,we won’t drown any time soon.

  5. This is a political movement, nothing else, and it isn’t so easily over for a political movement.

    Politicians in science has to be stopped. E.g. those who agree with very fraudulent science, as the hockey stick, or wont accept undisputable scientific results, as Palle, Butler and Brian 2004, with above 99.5 percent significance in correlation between cosmic rays and low level clouds.

    The politics is heavily in science now, where all scientists in reports has to add a note that they think CO2 is the main driver of climate change, even — or maybe much more — if the result of the study implies the opposite (that CO2 isn’t the main driver of climate).

    There’s no scientific result — no test of — the CO2 hypothesis which has succeeded. The only thing we have is politics that control science and minds, which is a huge scandal of our times. Quite similar to witch hunting.

  6. These comments will be interesting to read 20 years from now.

    Calling the broad consensus in the scientific community regarding CO2 and global climate change politically driven is ironic given that the opposition is clearly not based on science. Every time I read of data produced by NOAA I cannot find it in the NOAA website. Politics? Sure there is politics involved. It is driving this Hoax blogosphere.

    Just wait around.

  7. Why not get the opinions of the people whom science says will be the most effected by man-made climate change — say those who live in the southeast and southwest of Australia? I can assure you there are very few who live there that doubt that it has already happened to them.
    There are perhaps 10 pre-eminent scientific organizations on the planet and all are strongly in consensus over man’s detrimental effect on the climate and this includes the American Petroleum Institute, which recently came around. Trust the experts or trust those who profess to being experts — your choice will affect your grandchildren.

    • Do these opinions predict the future climate, even locally?

      Gore et al have demonstrated a profound inability to predict future climate; so now their story is that climate is going to change. This is not a useful prediction scientifically or practically; because climate has always changed.

      The best predictor by far of global and local climate is history; but maybe “sunspots” (solar magnetic conditions) or our solar system’s environment in the galaxy (proximity of star births and deaths) will soon be far superior.

      The temperature of the oceans is going down. This is not consistent with runaway greenhouse effect from anthropogenic carbon dioxide. The simple quantity carbon dixode content in atmosphere cannot even be honestly predicted by science, which is engaged in a vast swindle of your friends in Aus, and the rest of us.

      Humanity is being swindled by government and science; at least Jim Hansen’s and Al Gores part of science, through the mechanism of government misappropriation of wealth (taxes). In the case of the United States, the government misappropriation of wealth is clearly contrary to the original constitution. AGW is a convenient mechanism to further undermine, subvert, and invalidate the Constitution of the United States. AGW is ultimately motivated by Statism and the greed and self-interest of “elite” bureaucrats and politicians; and yes, scientists who ignore failure after failure in their predictions.

    • drew,

      This is 1 of 4 from an Australian. Read, listen and think for yourself. Don’t let others tell you they are right. Check their “opinion”. Everyone has one….

    • drew,
      This is 1 of 4 from an Australian. Read, listen and think for yourself. Don’t let others tell you they are right. Check their “opinion”. Everyone has one….

    • Whoops. looks like a double post… Sorry, could not find a way to remove it…

  8. I live on the East coast of Australia and I, and many others, do not believe that man-kind is contributing to climate change. Watch out for the bumber stickers ” Climate Change – its only natural”


    Climate change has been extensively researched and the overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that the observed modern day global warming is unprecedented and is very likely caused by humans. Although there is little serious debate between climate experts, many in the general public still think that these scientists are unsure about climate change and the role that humans have played in modern day global warming. The Website above summarizes some of the key research that has led scientists to their overwhelming consensus while also addressing some of the unfounded claims by climate change skeptics and denialists.

    The only plausible explanation is that today’s warming is primarily due to human activities. The increase in greenhouse emissions can easily account for this warming. There is robust evidence for the man-made global warming. There are no other known sources of warming that can explain the observed modern climate change. People that claim there is no warming or that the warming is not caused by humans have offered no credible alternate hypotheses. Yes, these folks make claims but none of the claims has stood up to scientific scrutiny.

    Because I see/hear much disinformation from well-intentioned folks, I feel it is my duty to try to educate people on this very important matter. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle because most of the real science is discussed in hard-to-read scientific journals and most of the bad science is easily accessible on Web pages, blogs, and other forms of mass media. Worse, there are political organizations such as The Heartland Institute that present themselves as scientific organizations but these organizations are directly and indirectly funded by the fossil fuel industry and others that stand to lose if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

    It is fine to be skeptical, but it is never fine to be a denialist. A skeptic is willing to hear both sides and is honest with his assessment of the information. A denialist blindly accepts everything that supports his opinion and immediately discards everything that does not. Carefully read my Global Warming site with an honest, open mind. Then weigh what I am discussing with what you have heard and where/who you have heard it from.

    • True science has NOTHING to do with consensus! The minute you (Scott) mention consensus, your credibility is gone!

      You must go with data! There is plenty of unbiased data which points to global temperatures that correlate with solar magnetic flux and solar wind. This is the main driver and can be shown to be for thousands of years in ice-core samples that contain proxies for solar activity and global temperature.

      Science developed around a predetermined outcome is not science at all!

      AND, correlation does NOT equal causation. CO2 lags global temperature changes, which would indicate that it is a result and not a cause.

      Please stop perpetuating the liberal party line! It’s just a money grab by the government.

      • With each day extends cycle 23; and I am gravely concerned for the lives that will be lost, due to the denial of substantial science AND EVEN HISTORY by government con-men.

        Government is the home of the inept and the incompetent, the snake-oil salesmen of our time.

  10. Some info from Australia:
    “It is good that the issue of ‘greenhouse gases’. . . ‘climate change’. . .’global warming’. . . whatever it’s latest term . . . has been clearly put into perspective for ‘the man in the street.” Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun Friday, August 14, 2009 did just that:

    “Michael Smith’s editorial on 4BC yesterday seemed to go down very well: Here’s a way to understand [Prime Minister] Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Imagine 1 kilometer of atmosphere that we want to rid of human carbon pollution. We’ll have a walk along it.

    The first 770 metres are Nitrogen.
    The next 210 metres are Oxygen.
    That’s 980 metres of the 1 kilometre. 20 metres to go.
    The next 10 metres are water vapour. 10 metres left.
    9 metres are argon. Just 1 more metre.
    A few gases make up the first bit of that last metre.
    The last 38 centimetres of the kilometre—that’s carbon dioxide. A bit over one foot.
    97% of that is produced by Mother Nature. It’s natural.
    Out of our journey of one kilometre, there are just 12 millimetres left. About half an inch. Just over a centimetre.
    That’s the amount of carbon dioxide that global human activity puts into the atmosphere. And of those 12 millimetres Australia puts in 0.18 of a millimetre. Less than the thickness of a hair out of a kilometre. As a hair is to a kilometre—so is Australia’s contribution to what Mr. Rudd calls “Carbon Pollution”.

    Imagine Brisbane’s new Gateway Bridge, ready to be officially opened by Mr. Rudd. It’s been polished, painted and scrubbed by an army of workers till its 1 kilometre length is surgically clean. But Mr. Rudd says we have a huge problem, the bridge is polluted—there’s a human hair on the roadway. We’d laugh ourselves silly.

    There are plenty of real pollution problems to worry about. It’s hard to imagine that Australia’s contribution to carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere is one of the more pressing ones. And I can’t believe that a new tax on everything is the only way to blow that pesky hair away. Perhaps we all need to just take a few deep breaths.”

    • If they say it loud and often enough, people will believe it. TV is a very powerful propaganda medium – is that why we have it?
      Global warming and climate change are LIES to get “us” happy to pay greatly taxes and start losing our freedoms, to get “us” happy to accept Global Government as the “only” possible way to have stable existance.
      From LJD, Australia.

  11. If Cap and Trade is implemented world wide we are in it DEEP……

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