Man-made global warming is dead (surprise, surprise).

Indeed now we shall find out what cold is; no matter how much carbon dioxide in atmosphere increases. And carbon dioxide will increase, if eco-history is any indication. But who cares about eco-history? It’s harder to make a profit from eco-history. Our government is not interested in eco-history. Carbon dioxide is a much richer fraud. Now, as punishment, we enter the Al Gore Minimum; God help us; and God help our children.

Nothing has been done to improve cold-weather farming! Nothing.

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Replacing Obama: NEW Fox News ROCK STAR!

That’s right – Fox News’s Rupert Murdoch has found a NEW ROCK STAR to replace Obama; just in the nick of time!

Witchcraft, or Science?

Many scientists are in fact witches; we have learned in the past 10 years or so.

But this is nothing new!

As Dr. Baliunas (not a witch) points out, history proves that climate has often been far less hospitable than it is today. All witches may not agree with this statement; nonetheless, there it is – absolute and incontrovertible fact. Moreover, all truly scientific evidence demonstrates that these less habitable conditions have occurred repeatedly from far before recent pre-history.

Will these inhospitable intervals of climate on Earth repeat going forward; or will the climate behave in ways never observed before; as conjured by now-wealthy witches, posing as scientists?

Even without a close study of the sun, the answer to this dichotomy can only be that what we have seen many, many times will repeat; and what we have never seen may be only a repeated case of witchcraft!

Yes, witchcraft does repeat too. Obviously, humans do believe in witchcraft, even today it continues to repeat! Witchcraft will repeat again.

Can science overcome witchcraft? Given much time, it always does. But very often this sweet victory comes far too late; as the cost in human lives from the next, inevitable, hostile climate interval will evidence soon again. Is it 20 years, or 200 years? Apparently, based on the history of solar behavior, it will be sooner; as any reader of WUWT knows well.

There is still time to mitigate the results, of this “unfortunate” history, repeated. Our real misfortune is that, due to witchcraft, we blew our precious time and cash pumping CO2 down abandoned mines.

Witchcraft, and history

California Subscribes to National Socialism

I am sure there have many turning points in the subversion of the US Constitution in California. There have been far too many to even make notice. But surely here is a turning point of great, if not final, significance.

California has fired a long-tenured professor for the content of his work; because his work is not acceptable in California’s blossoming socialist agenda. There is a review of the case on April 4, 2011.

Will a UCLA Prof Lose His Job For Sticking to Science Over Politics?

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The Green Regulation Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs?

Why Are Wind Turbines Not Worth Maintaining?

The $cash has been made. Now, who will repair them?

It’s easy, silly.

Government subsidizes INSTALLING wind turbines.

Government does not subsidize REPAIRING wind turbines.


Much more here: The reality of wind turbines in California – video

The Perfect Obama-Caused Storm

The perfect Obama-caused storm is here, now.

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NM declares state of emergency over natural gas shortage...
TX residents asked to limit use...
Outage in AZ...
San Diego shortage...
Usage at record high in UT...
CA utility told to cut pipeline pressures...
SHELL oil postpones drilling in Arctic; Dem Sen. blames White House...
Mexico cancels offer to send electricity...
Obama's Blocking Of New Plants Triggers Nationwide Blackouts?

Prepare For Global Cooling

Prepare for global COOLING; and whatever Al Gore says, believe exactly the opposite.

Piers Corbyn’s predictions are quite good. So far, Al Gore has never been right, one time (except when he initiated the internet).

Ice ages follow Gore around like puppy dogs. Gore’s “karma” is world disaster, like AIDS, malaria, or world poverty and starvation.

Al Gore will be reincarnated, 60 years before the next ice age.

Unfortunately, smooth operator(?) Gore has disabled a large share of world scientists. When will our scientists resume being useful, in general?

Well, a few are useful: