Head Federal Dowser Thumbs Nose At Hatch Act, Still

Hansen has been predicting global warming without a shred of success for decades. Under Hansen’s responsibility and direction, NASA climate information has frequently been found woefully inaccurate and always biased favoring warming.

He abuses his employment and office in the federal government to influence social, economic, and energy policy, as a matter of daily practice.

Specifically, Hansen engages in political activity whenever carbon dioxide is emitted; and also when it is not.

Hansen openly advocates and encourages illegal destruction of public and private property.

For doing disservice to hard-working dowsers who are far more productive than Hansen, I must apologize.

Dr. John S. Theon, a serious if retired atmospheric scientist, and experienced supervisor of James Hansen, describes the performance of Hansen:

Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was “was never muzzled.” . . .Theon declared “climate models are useless.” “My own belief concerning anthropogenic climate change is that the models do not realistically simulate the climate system because there are many very important sub-grid scale processes that the models either replicate poorly or completely omit,” Theon explained. “Furthermore, some scientists have manipulated the observed data to justify their model results. In doing so, they neither explain what they have modified in the observations, nor explain how they did it. They have resisted making their work transparent so that it can be replicated independently by other scientists. This is clearly contrary to how science should be done. Thus there is no rational justification for using climate model forecasts to determine public policy,” he added.

Here is Hansen, sneering at his other supervisors:

More here; with a neat precis of the Hatch Act.

Likely Hatch Act violation was noted previously here: Computer Modeling For Your Cash


All Systems Go, for Tragic Al Gore Minimum

Anthony Watts has solar magnetic activity in “code blue” territory, as evidenced by the 10.7 cm radio flux flatlining.   The Ap magnetic index continues to fall after a distinct and striking downshift way back in October of 2005.  Cycle 24 spots are not forming; we have now only a series of weak, sputtering cycle 23 spots, widely separated by ominous quiet, long after cycle 24 was to be in full bloom.

Each of these three types of observations (Ap, 10.7 cm radio, cycle length) has infinitely more significance to climate prediction than carbon dioxide content in atmosphere.  Yet we fixate on the carbon dioxide, and the small part of it which is generated by man.

While not related to carbon dioxide at all, the amplitude of sunspot cycles (in sunspot count) is related closely to the Ap minimum observed at the start of the cycle:

Ap Index is now 2

Ap Index is now 2

Similarly, the sheer length of cycle 23, is related to the amplitude of the next cycle, as are the Aa index, and the 10.7 cm radio flux. All are in agreement in predicting a prolonged period of solar inactivity.

Extended sunspot-free periods are historically associated with wickedly, fatally, cold climate conditions, lasting decades. Food which today is abundant will become scarce, expensive, and its variety will drastically diminish. This is from real history, to be ignored (or revised) at significant peril.

There is no good news from this information. If we started in earnest today, increasing energy supplies and planning for short season crops, we might have a chance to save lives and reduce human suffering.

Al Gore has a much different idea. You should ignore the apparently conclusive evidence from the sun (that a sunspot minimum and little ice age are unfolding), and instead start pumping carbon dioxide down abandoned mine shafts. You should completely abandon development of realistically available energy resources (see Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them, by misanthrope James Hansen). Al Gore and his disciples in the church of global warming have made it all but impossible for humans to adapt to reality. The fate of any species which cannot adapt is bleak. Owing to the assiduous efforts of Al Gore and his deluded, collectivist church, humans are not presently disposed to adapt to the Al Gore Minimum or any climatic event except the impossible event: global warming caused by anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

All systems are a strong “go” for the next little ice age; the Al Gore Minimum. At this point, it looks more like a full-blown Maunder event than the less devastating Dalton Minimum.

The Al Gore Minimum will be the most significant, if not the most tragic, event in human history, it now seems likely. Good luck, Al Gore, in revising this when it is history.

Radiational Cooling Trumps Greenhouse CO2 Every Time

Global Warming, you say?  Please!

Global Warming, you say? Please!

As the Al Gore solar minimum extends its icy grip on Earth, it grows day by day less lucrative or intellectually satisfying to teach-in Global Warming Situations.

Ask them in Buffalo. “No evidence of global warming here, at least not this morning, when unofficial reports to the National Weather Service listed temperatures as low as 9 degrees below zero elsewhere in Erie County.” Gore effect frost follows not just Al Gore around; it follows Global Warming teach-ins, too.

Meanwhile, there is no cycle 24, and there are no sunspots. This happened before; what was the result? I leave it to your investigations. Try searching Dalton Minimum; or Maunder Minimum.

Story here: Gore effect visits on Global Warming Situations (sic) teach-in

“We didn’t have temperatures forecast to be quite that cold,” weather service meteorologist David Zaff said this morning. “When you have snowpack on the ground and clear skies, temperatures can plummet. It’s called radiational cooling.”

That cooling phenomenon, under mockingly clear skies, posed a hardship for some morning commuters and some finger-numbing discomfort for others.

“Compared to a normal winter day, our call volume is up about 25 percent, and it’s directly related to the cold,” said Diana Dibble, public affairs manager for AAA of Western and Central New York.

The most common complaint, of course, was cars that wouldn’t start, but the AAA also fielded calls from some early risers who locked their keys in their vehicles while trying to warm up their cars.